Breakfast recipes

The first meal of the day is very crucial if you are working towards a healthy regime for life. This meal should be the biggest and most nutrition packed. A healthy blend of carbs and proteins makes a breakfast balanced in a way that it keeps you energetic through the morning rush hours and for the workload to handle as the day starts. Including a whole fruit is always a good idea, the fruit can be had on the way to office or after a couple of hours of a breakfast if you stay at home or feel comfortable at office to munch a fruit..

Some great breakfast ideas and recipes are cataloged here, many of these recipes I recommend to my clients as a weight loss friendly breakfast and to manage insulin spikes in the bloodstream. I will keep updating this page as and when I post something new.
  1. Spinach and friut smoothie
  2. Zucchini, cheese and sun dried cheri tomatoes frittata
  3. Whole wheat whole orange cake with added bran
  4. A fruity insalata caprese for breakfast
  5. Double textured egg scramble with sun dried cheri tomatoes
  6. Quick soda bread recipes
  7. Carrot orange cake with marmalade glaze
  8. Apple ginger honey spiced cake
  9. Easy English muffins and way to include them for breakfast
  10. Buckwheat pancake with caramelised banana and date syrup
  11. Buckwheat and chickpea flour savory pancakes 
  12. Barnyard millet/sama tabbouleh 
  13. Barley upma
  14. Vegetarian omelet : tofu and chikpea flour omelet
  15. Whole wheat olive oil egg less cake with peaches
  16. Whole wheat-oats-banana-chocolate-walnuts cake
  17. Cheese and herbs omelet
  18. Flax seeds and coocnut granola bars
  19. Mango poha : a rice cereal with ripe mangoes
  20. Cheese omelet with mushrooms and herbs
  21. Mango salsa salad with sunflower seeds
  22. Barley congee : breakfast for cleansing or detox
  23. Pineapple smoothie and it's benefits
  24. Idli variations made with rice or millet flours, and vegetables based chutneys with them
  25. Homemade granola or choorma ke laddoo (a desi granola made with millet, flaxseeds and nuts)
  26. Steamed lentil dumplings with greens
  27. Baked oatmeal with pumpkin
  28. Spicy black chickpeas for breakfast
  29. Sattu ka paratha/flatbreads stuffed with spicy roasted gramflour
  30. A garlicky stir fry with green peas for breakfast
  31. Barnyard millet/sama ka chawal idlies with chutney 
  32. Buckwheat and zucchini savory pancakes
  33. Fara, goojha or peetha, a lentil stuffed dumpling for breakfast or a tea time snack
  34. Sweet potato salad for breakfast
  35. Mung ke cheeley or mung bean crepes stuffed with paneer
  36. Chana masala/black chickpeas in a spicy gravy for breakfast
  37. Sama or barnyard millet khichdi/upma
  38. Ragi cake/bread with carrots and sweet potatoes
  39. Whole wheat and bran nutty banana bread
  40. Apple cake/bread with whole wheat
  41. Fresh corn polenta with carrots
  42. Egg roll with whole wheat and green with vegetables
  43. Tabbouleh for Indian taste buds
  44. A high fiber version of upma, a popular Indian breakfast
  45. Green beans, hummus and home baked bread
  46. Broccoli and leftover chapati make a quick breakfast
  47. Spring onion and carrot paratha
  48. A quick Focaccia bread made on griddle
  49. Mung tofu spring rolls
  50. Desi whole what pancakes with molasses
  51. Spanish omelet, loaded with your favorite vegetables
  52. Ways to include Broccoli in breakfast
  53. Homemade herb bread and paneer sandwich
  54. Quick apple granola crumble
  55. Multi grain dosa with healthy chutneys
  56. Ragi dosa and healthy chutneys
  57. Ragi and soy yogurt uttapam/savory pancake
  58. Chickpea chaat for breakfast
  59. Corn,oats,whole wheat paratha with fresh herbs
  60. Idli and poha heavily infused with curry patta
  61. Daliya(broken wheat) upma
  62. Onion stuffed paratha
  63. Corn fritters and other recipes with corn
  64. Many home baked breads for breakfast  
  65. Sweet corn in a green masala paste 
  66. Horse gram uttapam and a detox chutney 
  67. Cauliflowers and broccoli paratha 
  68. Poached eggs in a spinach blanket 
  69. Green mung bean dosa and tomato chutney  
  70. Low oil pakode/fritters for breakfast 
  71. Corn grits with vegetables 
  72. Low fat high fiber version of pav bhaji 
  73. A plain dosa made easy
  74. Radish and corn meal paratha 
  75. Poori/fried flatbreads made healthier
  76. Fiber rich barley dosa 
  77. Whole wheat pancakes with jaggery
  78. Whole wheat buns 
  79. Mixed vegetable poha in Microwave 
  80. Tofu scramble in pita pockets 
  81. Healthy fiber rich handvo/a savory cake
  82. Mixed grain or multi grain poha 
  83. Baby corn with daliya/broken wheat/couscous
  84. Beets stuffed flat breads/kulche 
  85. Dried green peas for breakfast 
  86. Brussels sprouts with daliya/broken wheat/couscous
  87. Low fat mashed potatoes with multi grain pita bread 
  88. Stir fried lotus stem with multi grain roti 
  89. Veggie scrambled eggs with multi grain English muffins 
  90. Sweet corn and spinach in a grilled sandwich 
  91. Egg bhurji with mixed cereal roti 
  92. Corn meal and mixed veg cutlets 
  93. Daliya tahiri 
  94. Garlic bathua paratha with lentil-amla chutney 
  95. Healthy cottage cheese salad
  96. Rawa idli with amla-coconut chutney
  97. Chickpeas salad/chaat
  98. Fat free chhole for breakfast  
  99. Palak/spinach cheela or crepe 
  100. Savory crepes for breakfast using lentils 
  101. Green peas ghugni for breakfast 

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