Mango salsa salad with Phalsa and Sunflower seeds....

So this is a salsa with Phalsa. Phalsa or Falsa is a tiny berry that packs a punch for all the berries of the western world. I think this is an answer to the black berries, the Blueberries and all those exotic looking dark colored berries I look at so enticingly on my computer screen.

Yes, I rarely buy any frozen or dried Blueberry as they are obscenely costly.

Our local Falsa are a lot better. The berry is named as Grewia asiatica in Latin and I do not know any vernacular name for it. It has a taste similar to Black currants and that can be substituted in this salad too. Though it would lack the crunch the seed of Falsa provides.

Another star is Mango. Now you must know this salad is going to cause some serious rift in the family if served in a single bowl, however big. :-)

I know by experience :-)

(2 servings, or just one when having it as a meal)

one large ripe mango cut in neat cubes (about 1.5 cup
finely diced red onions 1/2 cup or to taste
Falsa/Phalsa berries1/2 cup (or black currants 1/4 cup if using dry)
sunflower seeds 2 tbsp (you can use broken cashew nuts instead)
pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp or as desired (can be skipped)
mint leaves a handful as per taste
kala namak (grey salt) a generous pinch
red chilly powder 1/2 tsp
white vinegar 1 tsp
a generous pinch


Toast the sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds together. Toast the broken cashew nuts if using that.

Soak the chopped red onions in vinegar and salt for 5 minutes or some more.

Mix everything in a large bowl and let it rest for five minutes before digging in.

The mango pieces ooze out the juices and so do the Falsa berries. This juicy exude then mixes with the onion which has already been almost pickled in the vinegar.

Can you imagine what kala namak would do to it?

And the red chilly powder that gives a nice kick to it.

The crunch is from the Falsa seeds as well as the seeds. It's yummy.

I told you, this salad is a serious threat to family harmony if served in a single bowl like I did.

Serve in individual bowls.

Do not miss this last piece of advice.

Enjoy mangoes.


  1. thats a healthy colorful salad.

    even i look at the blue berries and all the berries from my screen...sigh...

    i saw so many blue berries and goodies with blue berries, that one fine day i went to the nearby store and got a preserved jar of wild blue berries. all natural... no chemicals used.

  2. Salad looks yum... wonderful summer flavours..:)

  3. really nice salad!......i like falsa as an alternate to blueberries......very nice.

  4. my favourite fruit yummmy and I did make a mangoe salsa once .. the only problem is here in uk its so expensive ONE mangoe piece is more than 1.50 pounds :O


  5. This salad looks so yum and healthy at the same time.Oh my god...I so much wish to have such happy meals. <3



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