Personalised Diet Plans and Testimonials

Do you want your food and lifestyle to heal your body, mind and gut? 

With new researches in the areas of gut health and gut brain nexus, I can say the gut and mind control the body in multiple ways. 

You are at the right place and most probably at the right time. Time to get a training to eat healthy, choose wisely, be aware of everyday treats that good health brings and live healthy all your life. Learning about your own metabolism, restoring your gut health and making the quality of life better should be the focus if you are beginning a healing journey for your body, mind and gut. 

I believe in good food made with fresh local ingredients, better gut health and perfect circadian rhythm. 

Everything from food to lifestyle that helps heal the gut is part of the regime I design for each one of my clients and help them achieve their goals. 

My food philosophy is a culmination of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and the modern scientific research based knowledge. Apart from that we must realise that we need a personalised approach to healthy eating and lifestyle management, based on our body type and health concerns. There is no single prescription that works for all.

Carefully chosen and skillfully cooked food can heal the body, rewire the hormone cascade and bring you back to your healthy life. Give the real food a chance to heal yourself and discard all the inflammatory and harmful food habits you have been trapped into. Ask for help if you can't do it yourself. At healthfood desivideshi, I train you to listen to your body so you can nourish it the way it requires, heal yourself and cultivate a healthy eating habit for life.

Skillful cooking for me is a simplistic way to treat the food to make it more suitable to the body and palate, and at the same time, more convenient to cook in the busy schedule in today's hectic life. I analyse your eating habits first and then devise a plan that suits your palate and kitchen both, the kind of food your body needs to heal and get nourishment. Intense nourishment is the only way to heal, let me help you in healing yourself.

If you want a nice workable and personalised diet plan for yourself with weight loss targets or for diabetes friendly lifestyle or for a heart friendly plate, mail me and get help. Many of my clients have successfully reversed pcod/pcos, hypothyroid and insulin resistance and autoimmune conditions with the help of my personalised diet regime and micro habit management according to circadian rhythm. 

So if you think your hormone profile or your gut health or autoimmune condition needs rewiring through natural ways, you have help at hand. Note my mailing address.

                             @ sangeetaamkhanna[at]gmail[dot]com

PS: This website is a free resource of health and nutrition talk and hundreds or easy healthy recipes to choose from, the personalised meal plans involve a consultation fee.

Please consult your doctor before starting any new regime to improve your health. Ask your trusted doctor if the meal plans include unknown ingredients and you feel they might have an adverse effect.

I declare that I have no formal degree in nutrition or medicine. My research work involved antioxidants and micro nutrients derived from Cyanobacteria. My own research has taught me what I know and a deep interest in the subject keeps me informed.

Every journey begins with a single step. Take the first step towards healing yourself and get set for the more exciting journeys to come.


  1. I can stand by her diet plans. Being a sufferer of Fibromyalgia I had no idea what would help me and what not. She was the first one to open my eye to gluten and its effect on my body and since then there has been no looking back. Simple effective ways to spice up mundane food and most of all her msg that diet need not be borind sets her apart. I have greatly benefited from her diet plans and will recommend to anyone who asks me about the same! Thank you Sangeeta Khanna for a wonderful eye opening experience :)

  2. Sangeetha offered to help me when I told her that My wife who was suffering from Bell's palsy was given very high doses of Antivirals and we both wanted to cleanse our systems !

    She not just knows about food and its riches... what sets Sangeetha apart is her patience and her ability to come up with alternatives. I and my wife had lots of nakhra's that we wont eat this and that.. and that is certainly not tasty...and I cant stand this and that... but She never frowned and always was ready to work with our whims :D :D

    Apart from being a person with a lot of knowledge about food she is a very kind and wonderful human being :) Warm and welcoming :D .... I cant wait to one day barge into her kitchen :) Infact one of my biggest fantasy is to have her as a cook in my house and command her !!!!!!!!!

    Teee .. hee

    And dont you think that she can only design diet plans for the sick and unhealthy... for those looking for healthy food or losing weight all can actually utilise her skills :D

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  4. here is hte post i did on Sangeetha's diet plans thought I should link it here :)

  5. Hi
    I'm a long time fan.
    do you know any vegetarian food which will help cancer induced neutropenia?

    1. Thanks Smitha.

      There are a few Indian herbs like Wheat grass and Barley grass which has to be taken as a fresh juice. This Wheat grass, Aloe vera and a herb called Amrita or Giloy all mixed together and juiced are found to be beneficial for such a condition. Having said that, the heads up provided by the doctors would be helpful to decide what to include. Vitamin C and other antioxidants would be definitely useful.
      I am going to post a guest post by a cancer survivor and awareness worker regarding this issue, stay tuned.

  6. I went whining to Sangeeta with my random and numerous problems ranging from back ache to pcos .
    The best thing about her is her infinite patience and empathy. She listens to you very thoroughly, asks you very detailed questions and then comes up with a food regime totally suitable to your personality, lifestyle and body type. She has a very deep knowledge of Ayurveda and off course Macrobiotics. This combination of ancient wisdom and modern techniques help her make unique and extremely effective diet plans.
    I am not much of a cook and had told her as much and yet she came up with very ingenious and nutritious alternatives for me!
    One thing that I have learnt from her is that you don’t need to make major changes in your lifestyle – It’s the awareness of your body type and making small dietary changes accordingly that help go a long way!
    Instead of giving you a food regime to follow blindly she educates you on why she is doing that and what effects it will have on your body.
    A diet regimen under her has literally changed my eating habits for life and after only a month I saw very positive changes in my body. Just a few food additions or changes helped me lose weight, get rid of PMS completely, manage my pain and increase my energy levels.
    She is also a marvellous cook and a wonderful human being and that makes the experience of associating with her an even greater pleasure!

    1. Thank you Ruchira. You have been a good girl following the instructions well :-)
      And I am so glad you don't crave for cookies anymore, something that was a weakness of your's :-)

  7. Sangeeta (and her diet plan) was recommended to me by a common friend of ours. And I can't think him enough for the same :-)

    My basic plan had been to control our (hubby's and my) weight gain since we were all set for a series of travel around the country, particularly meeting relatives who would stuff us till we burst. The key is, I learnt, in eating intelligently. The best part about Sangeeta's plan - apart from the fact that she customizes the diet as per our taste-buds - is that one doesn't have to starve oneself to diet. It's a matter of accommodating the right ingredients/types of food and balancing them well. That is the biggest lesson I learnt.
    She also told me at each juncture as to why something was right and why something was not, so it made the whole process so much simpler and easier. She was nearly our mommy the whole time...pushing us, pulling us back, being sympathetic, strict and yet encouraging. I give her all the credit in the world for this.

    Although my husband and I are not actively dieting right now, we found that some of the habits taught by Sangeeta have stuck to us over time. We still eat some dishes the way she guided us.

    I am truly glad that whenever I want to rework my food habits, I have someone rock solid to run to :-)

    Cheers to you!! You're doing a fabulous job... please keep it up!!!

  8. Sangeeta has been a true saviour for me. I had piled on lots of weight post pregnancy,was anaemic and battled with the problem of Psoriasis to top it all.She listened to my problems thoroughly and made a diet plan suitable to my lifestyle.I am amazed by her knowledge of food.Having a degree in nutrition I thought I knew it all but kudos to her for her indepth knowledge about each food ingredients.
    Not only I lost weight during her consultation,my energy levels boosted up and I have developed healthy lifestyle that I plan to follow for life.
    Thanks Sangeeta you have been a godsent:)

  9. Sangeeta Khanna worked with me over a full year, over this time I lost close to 25 kilos. The success was not overnight but at a slow placed rate of about 2 kilos a month. A very achievable target when you decide to put your heart and mind to it. I approached her at a time in my life when I had sort of lost confidence in my ability to trust myself around food, this compounded by the fact that I was already living with PCOD. She hand held me right through this journey, and together we discovered a method that worked for me. Daily menu plans, with several options for me to pick and choose from, and over time when I gathered enough confidence Sangeeta and I would discuss meals and I was given enough freedom to create my own favourite menu or depending on the availability of certain ingredients. We would have several rounds of discussions on the merits and de merits of a certain kind of food or exercise routine and so forth. It was fun, as I was not alone in this daunting task of regaining my health. Today 3 months later, I am still continuing on my journey with all the incredible inputs that was given to me by Sangeeta, It is a learning that I will never lose, proof? I have lost a further 5 kilos since. So if you want a friend and not a 'nutritionist' with a degree to walk with you, Sangeeta is that person. Best wishes,

  10. Proud of you....congratulations !!!

    Dear all
    Sangeeta Sangeeta Khanna has made a difference to my life pattern,she is an amazing person.I was on her diet plan...and I can't tell you how it has helped me.I know exactly how to balance my know what is healthy when you listen to her and it's all so easy and natural....

    Can't thank you enough for each single compliment that I get...
    it was my dear friend Navneet Arora who showed me the path and Sangeeta Sangeeta Khanna who made it so easy for me.

    God bless you Sangeeta.

  11. Hi. . .I have recently found your blog and find the healthy recipes shared workable. . . Thank you. . .do share if you have worked with juvenile Diabetics?

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Harsha. I have worked with a couple of juvenile Diabetics to manage the HbA1 successfully along with the doctor of the clients. Do mail me if you need assistance.


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