Buckwheat and chickpea flour savoury pancakes for breakfast...

Yes, savoury pancakes that we have with a nice chutney. Buckwheat and chickpea flour make a nice base for such pancakes. Those hurried mornings when you woke up late, have just half an hour and still need to have a heavy breakfast because you are going to skip a proper lunch. It was one of those late morning on weekends when we found ourselves too hungry to wait for an elaborate breakfast but wanted something tasty. Chatpata breakfast in my words. A savory pancake that has a lot of onion and green chillies (of the sweeter variety) and a yummy coconut chutney that we had like a porridge. Yes, in that amount. Coconut is so healthy to start your day with, especially if it is a chutney. I could drown a couple of  idlies into it for my meal.

ingredients for the savory pancake..

one large red onion (about 150 gm)
2 large green chillies, the sweeter variety / you can use a medium sized capsicum
stems of coriander greens, about half a bunch
besan (chickpea flour) 3/4 cup
Buckwheat flour 1/4 cup
soy yogurt (homemade) 1/2 cup
water about 1/2 cup to make the batter loose ans suitable for pancake
salt and pepper to taste
ghee bout 1 tbsp to grease the pan and drizzle during coking


Quarter the onion and chop in the food processor along with the green chilly or capsicum and the green coriander stems. I used my chopper and processed till it was all minced.

Add the Soy yogurt, salt n pepper, chickpea flour and buckwheat flour and blend once again so a batter is formed. Add water as required.

Heat a flat base pan, grease with ghee or oil of your choice, pour the batter with a ladle in small circles. On a wide dosa pan you can make about 6-7 small pancakes at a time.

Let the pancakes brown on one side and flip. Drizzle more ghee to let it brown and cook on the other side too. Covering the pancakes while cooking and keeping the flame level low allows you make the chutney on the side.

 ingredients and procedure for the chutney...

half a coconut scraped or the flesh separated and the black skin peeled with a potato peeler
2 green chillies, the less hot ones or use to taste, using a green capsicum is better for those who don't eat too hot, in my case the husband is intolerant to all bell peppers.
curry patta 1/2 cup
salt to taste
lime juice to taste

Blend in the chutney jar of your trusted mixie to make a smooth chutney. No need to add water in the beginning, once the mixtures become coarse you can add water in small amount and bland again. Adjust consistency as desired. Adjust seasoning too.

Keeping this chutney not too hot makes it easy to have it in large amounts. It is the best antioxidant and healthy fats combination to start your day with. Skip adding chillies if your savory pancake is well seasoned.

 Two small kitchen gadgets help you to make your breakfast convenient and tasty too. This breakfast was ready within 25 minutes flat. Yes the coconut was there in the fridge, halved but not peeled.

** The soy yogurt was made to be used in such recipes of Ragi uttapam and broken wheat idli. I make my own Soy milk and Tofu from scratch. The soy milk can be set into yogurt easily using the same starter we use to set dairy curd. Even a green chilly placed in the bowl of warm soy milk helps it to set in a yogurt in about 10 hours. Try sometime and let me know if you could do it.Check out the step wise procedure to make soy milk at home. And hen try making soy yogurt for week. You would be surprised to know how useful it is when you want easy probiotic protein food for you.



  1. Such a healthy recipe. You are a knowledge bank of yummy healthy recipes :)

    Please link this to the event going on at my blog.

  2. love everything about this post. that chutney looks especially good.

  3. hmmm...not the kind of pancake recipe i was looking for the hubby....but this is different and i guess hubbs would like it :)

  4. this chillas or pancakes with the coconut chutney is looking yum. truly an easy as well as healthy breakfast.


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