Not just another omelet... a cheese and herbs omelet..

 Omelets are simple quick food most of us like to have any time of the day. It is a complete food if fortified with some vegetables you like or get in the season. I often suggest omelets for breakfast to curb untimely hunger pangs in the mid morning hours.

Many people feel really hungry after 2-3 hours of breakfast and need to have a filling snack once again. While there is nothing wrong in it, one can always have a fruit for snacking but a few people I have been working with have a long standing habit of frequent snacking after breakfast and then having a full lunch.
This kind of eating pattern plays with the hunger satiety signals in your system and can cause serious harm in long term.

The best way to have a satiating breakfast is to have a protein option with some vegetables thrown in.. Some complex carbs can be included if you are going to physically run around. If you have to just sit in your desk, think protein to start the day...

What can be better than eggs that fits the bill for time availability in the rushed morning hours as well as quick ingredients. I have posted many recipes with eggs and vegetables in the past but a few people have been complaining that it's not always practical to get fresh green vegetables so there should be a way to enjoy eggs with some staple veggies.

What better than red onions as a common staple. You always have it and they can be bought in bulk and stored for months. Greens are a luxury if you don't have to shop for grocery twice a week.

So here is an omelet that is filling, tasty and uses just red onions as a vegetable fortification.

Onions are nutrient dense, super rich in minerals and Vitamins, Great source of Vitamin C and many antioxidants. If you have it raw or slightly cooked or sauteed, they act like tonic food according to Ayurveda.

So what do you think when you see this picture?

Ah yes. It's so easy to put together. Whip eggs, sprinkle a few things, cover and cook, flip and cook again and you are good with a yummy breakfast. I used red chilly powder to spice it up , not included in the recipe as most people do not like red chillies that much. 

The Basil comes from my garden but you can always use dry basil crushed or powdered. Sometimes a minced clove of garlic goes in...
And slice the onions roughly to make it quick and also to hold the omelet better...

Three eggs omelet is for the husband at my place, I make mine with two eggs and a bit more of onions than this one.

So a breakfast that is ready under 10 the recipe...

A glass of buttermilk I would say with this omelet. Or some fresh juice if you can.

I never juice my fruits so that is not an option at my place.

Or I can have some tomato juice from carton just for this....

How would you like it?


  1. yummy inviting fluffy omelette. I am terribly hungry looking at it.

  2. u are right..omellete can be made in so many ways....I used my chives(the one i got with you in INA) for making omelettes and they tasted real nice!!

    1. Ah yes, I am reminded of a nice scrambled eggs with chives that I am yet to post. Thanks for reminding me :-)

  3. I love eggs and the variations that come with it.
    Nice recipe!

  4. awwww loved recipe...i make with loads of spinach capcicum carrots etc :)

  5. I love this as it is!! this is my breakfast tomorrow (if time permits)

  6. Sangeetha first time here. Gr8 recipe glad to follow you do visit my space in ur free time.

  7. Ahhh!!! Omelets! I love them so much, what a great start to any day!


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