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Vicky Goes Veg ; a vegetarian cookbook by Vicky Ratnani and some recipes inspired by this celebration of local vegetables

popped amaranth potato walnut savoury cakes or ramdane alu ki tikki | more ways to include amaranth for everyday meals

salad with a yogurt dressing | seasonal fruits, garden vegetables and nuts salad that carries well in a lunch box

Dimsum brunch at Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel, New Delhi | spent a weekend eating flavorful and healthy dimsums and more

101 alternative flours : a gluten free, 3 cheese pizza with garden fresh toppings....

Turkish food festival at Shangri-La, some refreshing flavours, some known comforts, healthy options galore...

how to make sauerkraut : the pickled sour cabbage, a probiotic supplement for everyone...

gluten free dark chocolate pudding with amaranth, balsamic plums preserve and cherry brandy