Workshop (over zoom) Schedule For October 

1.     Nutritional recipes for children (October 10th and 11, 4 - 5.30 pm IST on both days, Fee : 3,000 INR) 

2.     The science and art of fruit preserves (October 5th, 11 am to 1 pm IST, Fee 3,500 INR) 

3.     Tapping the science of lactofermentation for making pickles, kimchi, ketchup and salsa (October 6th, 11 am to 1 pm IST, Fee 2500 INR) 

4.     Two day whole wheat sourdough bread baking (October 10th & 11th, 11 am to 1 pm IST, Fee 4,500 INR) 

5.     Gluten free sourdough breads, a 5 days workshop (October 14th to 18th, 11am to 1pm IST, Fee 9000 INR)

6.     Workshop on Gut Health (October 19th, 3-5pm IST, Fee 2500 INR) 

Please mail to hfdvconsults@gmail.com for registration details for the workshops. 

There are loads of tempting foods readily available on the shelves today, many of them labeled healthy, fat free, sugar free and even as 'supplements for weight loss'. I keep getting queries about such products and whether they really work. Please know that most of those packaged foods and not safe for everyday consumption

It is important to be aware in today's 'market economy' controlling availability of foods. Packaged foods have become the reality of urban life although the supermarket shelves are weighting down with  fresh produce too. Confusing situations, multitude of options and hard decisions to make about what to eat and what not to bring home.

Do these questions bother you too?

*How to choose wisely?

*How to be aware about the healthier choices available?

*How to make use of locally available seasonal produce to cook everyday exotic food at home?

*How to choose healthier foods while eating out?

Do you want to learn more about healthy food choices and how to cook them everyday at home?

Knowing your food is not a choice it is an awareness you can't do without. Cooking is a life skill that plays an instrumental role in staying healthy and fit for life.

Keeping this in mind, I conduct workshops on various subjects for small groups and for corporate clients. Here are a few workshops that may interest you.

*Making effective use of alternative grains like Amaranth, Sorghum, Pearl millet etc. Discovering millets for everyday meals. Here is a workshop about using Amaranth as everyday ingredient at The Palms, Gurgaon..

cooking with Amaranth worjshop by Sangeeta Khanna

*Everyday cooking with millets. Here is a workshop on this subject I conducted at Our Sacred Space in Hyderabad...

cooking with millets workshop by Sangeeta Khanna

*Cooking healthy meals and snacks for school going kids. I conducted a workshop regarding nutrition and everyday healthy eating for kids at Parentune.  

healthy cooking for children by Sangeeta Khanna

*Learning how to cook low Glycemic meals for diabetics.

low glycemic meals by Sangeeta Khanna

*Making great salads everyday. 

salad workshops by Sangeeta Khanna
salad workshops by Sangeeta Khanna

*Baking gluten free cakes, pancakes and cookies. 

Gluten free whole foods baking by Sangeeta Khanna

*Baking everyday breads with minimal gluten and baking completely gluten free breads using locally available ingredients.

breads by sangeeta khanna

*Awareness about industrially produced processed foods and making better practical choices, learning simple homemade options. 

product development by Sangeeta Khanna

Held two sessions on 'Soil, Food and Nutrition' and 'Native and Wild Foods' at the National Permaculture Convergence (Hyderabad).
Sangeeta Khanna at National Permaculture Convergence
Contact me for conducting workshops on any of these topics. 

Write to me at sangeetaamkhanna@gmail.com


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