About Sangeeta Khanna

I know you are a health and fitness freak because that is what brings you here. Do you believe in a green lifestyle and well being of the mother Earth too? We are on the same page if your answer is yes. After all our own well being is directly related to the well being of the planet as well. Right? 

After a master's degree in botany I spent some time researching antioxidants from Cyanobacteria and their nutritional aspect in the 90s. I developed more interest into nutrition later on and being someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen I started developing recipes suited for specific health conditions. So you would find a few desserts, breakfast options and meal options suited for diabetics, for weight loss or even for fitness freaks on this blog, each recipe with a note on appropriate serving size and other suggestions for everyone. 

I work as a nutrition consultant and trainer for individual clients from all over the world. Many cases of metabolic disorders have been addressed successfully and the symptoms including PCOD, insulin resistance, acute hypothyroid and cholesterol irregularities have been reversed to varying degrees depending on the circumstances and history of the client. 

Healthy green living

I am a nature lover and a gardener who loves to cook using freshest produce from the season. I like traveling, trekking and hiking, bird watching and photography apart from cooking, not necessarily in that order always. I come from a family where everyone cooks. We used to joke about only our dog being the odd one who couldn't cook anything. 

Being a green living enthusiast I support local and seasonal foods. I have worked closely with farmers and environmentalists, have foraged and cooked meals from scratch and want to propagate the well being that fresh foods bring. 

My recipe experiments include modifying traditional recipes for diabetics and heart patients and modifying classic recipes that can be cooked in a modern kitchen even by busy professionals. That food can heal and nourish is a well known truth but with food becoming an industry and a market in the present times, you need to be careful about the choices you make. This blog is intended to make you equipped for making better food choices. 

Apart from writing articles for several print magazines and online websites, I have also worked with some food brands and restaurants developing recipes or food products suited for higher shelf life without chemical preservation. 

recipe and product developer
recipe and product developer
recipe and product developer

My work at Te Aroha is worth mentioning as it was a challenge to design a full fledged menu using locally available ingredients at such a high altitude village in the Himalayas, with very limited access to produce from outside. 

Te Aroha Menu
Te Aroha Menu

With my understanding and experience in the subject I also provide my services to food industry in the following ways...  
  1. To develop healthy chemical free products like healthy snacks and packaged breakfasts etc for many F&B brands. I have developed many products that are gluten free, no added sugar granola bars and cookies, products with alternative grains and flours, low Glycemic and protein rich snacks, preservative free,dips and sauces etc. I specialise in making the product manufacturing 'cost effective' during the product development stage.
  2. To develop recipes and content for brand websites. 
  3. To develop menus of restaurants, curate menus for events and train kitchen staff to execute the menu.
  4. Conduct workshops regarding issues of health and well being for individuals and corporate clients.
  5. Food and product photography. 
  6. Writing travel stories and food and health related articles for print magazines and content for online websites. 
Do let me know if you like this blog and if we can associate in any way to make this world greener and healthier. Suggestions are always welcome.


  1. Hi Sangeetha, I am Hema Prakash from Mumbai. I love cooking and always looking out for new and healthy recipes. I have some business idea in mind and would love to associate with you. Please let me know if I can speak to you sometime at length and then take the discussion forward.

    1. Hi Hema, mail me at sangeetaamkhanna@gmail.com.

  2. Hi Sangeeta - you have a wonderful website with a lot of good recipes. I especially love your palak kichidi and will need to try it out.