buckwheat flour English muffins for a gluten free breakfast for bread eaters | a pan baked bread

English muffins are easy breads that you can make fresh or make in a large batch and refrigerate for the week. And if you are in a habit of eating breads every day for breakfast, this gluten free buckwheat English muffins make more sense. I have been baking gluten free multi-grain English muffins and whole wheat English muffins in the past years and this buckwheat English muffin evolved from the fasting foods we used to eat during Navratris and buckwheat pancakes my husband loves to have any day.

The other day a friend was asking about how to make the breakfast gluten free as her whole family is used to having toast with butter or jam along with eggs, fruit, milk etc. That toast or bread butter can be hard to get rid of if you have been on it for decades if not your whole life. Minimal gluten ragi breads work if you can bake for the week, dosas work well if you can manage and pancakes also work if you like sweet breakfast like my husband. Oatmeal is boring if you ask me. Savory Indian breakfasts like poha or upma are more my type but most people don't like them and even I can't have them every day. This buckwheat English muffin can be one of those variations you can try.

The best thing about this buckwheat English muffin is that, it gets ready in about 20 minutes from scratch. You don't need any yeast or time to rise the yeast, just make a batter and use the largest widest pan you have and make the English muffins for the whole family in one batch. I use my dosa tawa that can accommodate about 6-7 such muffins in one batch, more than enough for the two of us.

(makes about 10 English muffins)

buckwheat flour 1.5 cup ( I used with partial husk)
soda bi carb 1/4 tsp
salt and pepper to taste
home made or cultured yogurt 1 cup
little water to adjust consistency

ghee or butter or oil to shallow fry the English muffins


Mix the buckwheat flour with salt and pepper, soda bicarb well. Add the yogurt and whisk, add some water to make it a consistency like this. It will get a bit thick and slimy.

Heat a wide frying pan and grease with ghee or butter. Drop spoonfuls (the size of ice cream scoop) of batter carefully to keep it round on the pan. and let it cook for a couple of minutes. These muffins swell up in size as they cook.

Turn them with the help of a wide spatula and cook on the other side too. You would see a furrow in the middle of the muffins where you can split the muffins in two later.

It takes about 3-4 minutes to cook. Take them off the pan, let them cool a bit before you can handle and then split them with the help of fork or slice with the help of a sharp knife. I always split them using a fork so the open surface is more uneven and porous.

I fried a few eggs on the same pan and served ourselves a quick breakfast with hot milk on the side. Arvind loves sweet breakfasts so I added some poaches peaches with balsamic on his English muffins. So it is Peach melba on English muffins. The poached peaches were refrigerated after adding some balsamic so we can use it any time. It has about 1 tsp sugar per large peach, microwaved till cooked with a pinch of cinnamon. Such preserves are useful in making quick desserts sometimes.

No butter is required on the English muffins as the taste is really good, a bit nutty and very soft and pillowy. Or you can go ahead and butter them and have warm. You might like it for a quick snack with your evening tea as well.

Now go get some buckwheat for yourself. You can always powder whole buckwheat or buckwheat groats in your coffee grinder or mixie as it powders really fast, being a soft grain.

There are a lot many recipes I have posted with buckwheat. Have a look if you want more buckwheat recipes.
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Add buckwheat groats to any soups you cook for dinners and see how the soups become more filling and tasty, the body of the soup enhances too.

The buckwheat English muffins can be served with any cheese, salsa salads, tapenade sauce with olives or pickled peppers, or cold cuts and onions-tomato-salad greens if you want to make it quicker.


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