amaranth leaves and buckwheat flour savory pancakes for navtratri fasting | healthy fasting recipe....

Amaranth leaves and buckwheat flour are a combination made in heaven if you are making a savory pancake. A firm, crisp exterior and soft inside of a pancake that takes very little effort to make. Buckwheat is a pseudo grain, a seed actually, that is eaten during navratri fasting and is a good source of minerals, Vitamin B complex, dietary fiber of the prebiotic type and is low on Glycemic index.

Buckwheat has been popular in India like a fasting pseudo grain or a grain substitute for religious and detox type fasting. Read my post on buckwheat and another about nutritional information in detail.

Amaranth leaves are also Vitamin and mineral rich, if using red amaranth you get good amounts of antioxidant type Vitamins as well (Vit A and C)...

This recipe is quick and filling for fasting days and if you are on a diet. Minimal ingredients are required as buckwheat is a tasty grain and even amaranth imparts good taste. So the pancake is just seasoned with salt and pepper.

(for 2 servings)
chopped red or green amaranth leaves 2 cups packed or 300 gm
a cup of buckwheat groats or flour (I milled the groats freshly to make the flour)
salt and pepper to taste
about 1/3 cup of water


Make a thick batter by mixing everything together. The batter will be barely a batter, just a hardly binding mix of leaves and buckwheat flour. Don't worry about how it will bind as buckwheat flour is quite slimy so it binds the leaves well when spread to make small pancakes.

Divide into 4 portions and spread on a greased flat pan with your fingers. It takes about 1-2 tbsp ghee for four pancakes and gets crisply cooked on one side in just a couple of minutes. Flip it using a slotted spatula and press a little so the other side also gets evenly crisp.

Once browned and crisp, serve immediately with chutney of your choice or as I did with a yogurt based salad. It is a finely chopped carrots, home grown romaine lettuce and mint raita style salad served in a glass like a parfait... You can refer to the carrot and bokchoy raita if you want to make this kind of raita salad. I added mint powder while whipping the yogurt this time.

I had a few halves of tomatoes as well.

The savory pancakes are incredibly crisp and quite nutty in taste owing to buckwheat flour. Very filling and just two of these small pancakes will be a filling meal if served with these kind of sides. You might like some buttermilk too with this meal. I had a large bowl of bottle gourd curry with it too.

See how crisp and lovely it gets with such a minimal effort. It is a 10 minute recipe if you are cooking it for two and have chopped amaranth ready.

How about not complicating the fasting and detoxing? Keep it simple, keep it nutritious as well.


  1. This sounds good. Easy too. :)

  2. So many healthy options, you leave me astounded. Makes me feel good I tell ya; makes me feel GOOD!

  3. Made these today, and it was yummm... :) Chaulai ka pakoda (using little besan/dal soaked and ground just enough to bind the whole mixture) is an all time favourite, never thought could make it with kuttu ka atta and make it phalhari :) It goes very well with mango-mint chutney too...


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