Soups are a great way to rustle up a healthy comforting meal in lesser time. Almost all my soups are hearty wholesome meals served on their own for comforting dinners. Mostly in winters , so you would see a lot of seasonal winter vegetables being used.
  1. Haaq soup with rice and boiled eggs
  2. Broccoli and spring onion soup with cheddar and fresh cream
  3. How to make seafood soup
  4. Chicken soup for cold and cough
  5. Tomato rasam soup with and without scrambled eggs
  6. Yellow bell peppers soup with walnuts
  7. Knol khol or ganth gobi soup (chunky) 
  8. Four soups for winters : Barley, red lentil and broccoli soup | Bottle gourd soup | Fenugreek and dill greens soup | Turnip and spinach soup
  9. Fingsya or phing, a tibetan soup 
  10. Haaq greens and tomato soup
  11. Spinach and buckwheat soup
  12. Barley congee/soup 
  13. Hainanese chicken, rice and soup : a clear chicken soup
  14. Mushrooms and potato soup
  15. Broccoli and cheese in a creamy soup
  16. Pearl barley and coconut milk soup in coconut milk for dinner
  17. Steamed Tibetan bread and a sweet, sour and tangy soup 
  18. Broccoli lentil soup for dinner
  19. Mushrooms and spinach soup for dinner 
  20. Vegetables and tofu in a sweet sour and tangy soup for dinner
  21. Desi Pumpkin soup with fennel seeds for dinner
  22. Tomato and pumpkin soup for dinner
  23. Creamy garlicky spinach soup 
  24. Turnips and tomatoes soup for dinner
  25. Cabbage and peas soup for dinner
  26. Red lentil vegetable soup with barley
  27. Buckwheat and tomato soup 
  28. Sweet corn and basil soup