Haaq and tomatoes in a soup..

This is the most easy soup that gets ready in 10 minutes. One of the joys of winters in Delhi. We get a wide variety of greens during winters, all of them fresh and bright green. The winter heirloom tomatoes are also the best to pair with the greens if you are thinking of a soup. Haaq or haak is a leafy green vegetable that belongs to Kashmir but can be found in some parts of Delhi during winters. Sometimes well before winters too. Last year I had lugged a huge bunch of Haaq when I returned from my cycling trip from Leh. Having heard a lot about Haaq I was excited to cook with it. I loved when I did. INA market has been the place from where I get my Haaq thereafter. My friend Ruchira gets fresh Haaq closer to her home and she brought some for me a couple of month ago. This soup was made and enjoyed during October if my memory is correct.

Cooked it several times in 2 weeks as it took me some time to come out of this soup it was so yummy. And easy too. I have always been a stickler to easy quick recipes no points for guessing :-)

Let me tell you this is my favorite breakfast soup and please don't say soups for breakfast are weird.

One day I added a lot of cream and the soup looked all creamy...

Some other days it was white butter. Yummy nevertheless.

Have a look what all you have to do...

About 10 leaves of haaq and a large tomato is all you need...

Chop them both roughly...

Pressure cook with a cup of water and salt to taste...

And blend with the help of a stick blender in the cooker itself..

Start simmering the soup on low flame.

Next, break a couple of eggs and pour them gently into the simmering soup. Let the eggs cook covered as they would behave if there are only a couple of them :-)

Pour in soup bowls or cups and top up with some fresh cream or butter.. Malai is what I like.

Even the leftover soup will be in demand believe me..

I know Haaq is not an easily available green so I would suggest using Kale or mustard greens, even Turnip greens instead. The taste will be pretty close but you really can't imitate one green form the other as all varieties of the same species taste different.

I know you would grab a bundle of Haaq now if you see it somewhere. Do that, you would be a happy soul.



  1. its the soup season officially in delhi and today I made roasted tomato soup from Chef Davinder's cook book and it turned out nice!!....

    This one looks damn easy , provided i get the Haaq in INA :P

  2. I love the way you used haaq! This is quite an inventive soup. I am sitting here COLD ...this is just what I need!

  3. I love the way you used haaq! This is quite an inventive soup. I am sitting here COLD ...this is just what I need!


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