Mushrooms and Potato soup....comforting and versatile...

Finding new combinations of vegetables that work great with soups is a constant thing for me to observe and improvise. I need to be watchful about what flavors are enjoyed better and are asked for second helpings. The husband likes creamy and cheesy kind of soups only and I want to strike a balance.

This one was well enjoyed for dinner with a few sticks of flavorful sourdough bread. The soup is filling yet light and very very flavorful owing to the mushrooms and spring onion bulbs used in it.

I hope I feel like having soup dinners even in the warmer days approaching. The cooling vegetables of the summers will be explored more now as the husband has decided he likes some soups now. Not just the Sweet corn and Cream of mushrooms being the only favorites anymore....other flavors are welcome too...

Guess who is happy?

The soup is not a lovely color, owing to the freshly milled pepper corns and the spring onion bulbs used, the said ingredients bring more flavor so we wouldn't crib about the soup not looking perfectly creamy.

chopped spring onion bulbs 1 cup (include some of the light colored stalk too)
chopped mushrooms 1.5 cups
cubed freshly boiled potato 1/3 cup ( I cooked one small potato in MW)
garlic chopped 1 tsp
salt and freshly milled pepper as per taste
butter and olive oil or any one of them 1 tbsp total
fresh cream 1 heaped tbsp or more as a topping if you wish


heat the mix of butter and olive oil and tip in the chopped garlic first and then the chopped spring onion bulbs. Add salt and toss to mix. Add the cubed boiled potatoes too. Toss and mix well together and cook till all get translucent.

Add the chopped mushrooms and keep tossing a cooking for about 5 more minutes till the mushrooms get softer and moist. Take the pan off heat and cool the mixture a bit before pureeing it.

Puree in a blender, transfer to the same pan and rinse the blender with a cup of water. Pour this water to the pan too. Mix the soup well, add some more water or milk if you wish to thin the consistency to your liking.

Adjust seasoning. Sprinkle the freshly milled peppercorns and let it come to a soft boil.

Add the cream, mix well and serve immediately.

It is a creamy soup without much cream going into it. The mushroom lends a wonderful twist when cooked with spring onions.

With any choice of bread or even chapatis, this soup is a comfort meal at the end of the day. I like some boiled pearl barley into this soup too, that's my way of having a leftover bowl of this soup for breakfast the next day.

Halves of hard boiled eggs also taste great dunked into this soup for dinner. That's what we had just tonight. Someone is definitely liking more soups here :-)

 How would you like this soup?

Do summers keep you away from comforting soups?


  1. Never tried mushrooms in soup. Looks healthy and atleast now i shd give try on mushrooms.

    1. Thanks Uma. Many people like the Cream of Mushrooms soup. This one is very different form that and really tasty.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it is Notyet100...My husband always looks for another helping when it is this soup.

  3. since its again got a bit chilly , might try this one out!!

    1. Yes Sush..the slight chill is feeling great at this time of the year.

  4. Mushroom, potato, spring onion, ....this sounds like a promising combination to me :)

  5. Love the potato, mushroom combo but in my experience chopped mushrooms is impossible to puree in the mixie!

    1. Thanks Purba...this is something I never came across.
      I never felt chopped mushrooms can't be pureed well in a mixie. After cooking they get quite smooth when pureed. Try the recipe and see yourself. This one and a cream of mushrooms soup is a regular at my place.

    2. Do take care to puree the cooked veggies in the smaller chutney jar, without added water.

  6. amazing ..i made this for lunch today!!

    1. Great. You pictures looks great on facebook :-)

  7. The recipe looks so yummm. Btw I tried out the baked potato recipe of your' turned out perfect.............. Definitely have to try this one now :)

  8. the recipe looks yummmm..btw i tried the baked potato recipe of your's.....turned out gr8...would definitely try this one :)


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