101 gluten free breakfasts | multigrain dosa with two healthy chutneys | amla peanut chutney and tomato garlic chutney

multigrain gluten free dosa

Eating whole grains can be tricky for many people for so many reasons, I am talking about the millets which are low on Glycemic Index. The most common is that the whole grains, specially millets not being very tasty to be included in the meals regularly, secondly we find it time consuming to process these millets in our busy schedule. Another reason is that our desi recipes use a lot of ghee and butter to serve bajra and jowar rotis so if you are trying to minimize these fats from your diet you don't even want to think about the bajra churma or jowar pooris.

Fortunately and to my great pleasure, the audience of this blog is vastly informed and health conscious but at the same time I keep getting requests from new (read nervous) cooks, young girls who are trying to incorporate healthy food into their daily routine and a few busy people who want to maintain weight and eat healthy. My opinion is, you don't need to eat corn flakes and oats porridge daily for your breakfas . Satiating the taste buds goes a long way in keeping you happy and fit. 

Multi grain dosa can be a great solution and I know what are you thinking. Grinding the batter is so time consuming you might think, but when you use flours of the millets it becomes so easy. Now a days we find organic flours for many millets like ragi, jowar , bajra and jau  barley  and they can be put to great us . If you can find the flour of urad daal (black gram) too it will be an absolute pleasure to just mix them and get going. I use the soaked urad daal made into a paste and then I add the millet flours to ferment them further. If you are using all the powders ( flours ) you can mix them and ferment them till bubbles appear or you can make a batter with sour curds and add some soda bicarb in the batter to make instant dosa , but do keep in mind that the fermentation adds nutrient value.

multi grain dosa ingredients....

( this amount is enough for 6-8 dosas and the batter can be kept in the fridge for a week)

Urad daal 100 gm soaked and made into a paste
or urad daal flour 100 gm
jowar atta 1 cup
bajra atta 1/2 cup
jau ka atta 1cup
sesame or flax seeds powder 1-2 tbsp ( i used sesame powder)
salt to taste
1-2 tsp oil for a couple of dosas


Mix all the flours and the urad daal paste ( or flour if using ) adding enough water to make a batter of flowing consistency ( a bit thinner than pancakes) . Keep overnight for fermentation (sometimes i add yeast in the winter months) . A nice fermented aroma indicates good flavors in the batter and after mixing it up it can be used to make thin pancakes on a nonstick dosa griddle .

The dosa griddle is smeared with oil first and after a quick sprinkle of water , pour a ladleful of batter and spread with the ladle in concentric circles .. making it as thin or thick as you wish ...

Ease the dosa from the sides and flip to brown it on the other side too...repeat to make more such dosas and serve with any chutney you wish. The chutneys featured here are devoid of any added fats and high on antioxidants .

This is a soft dosa and not crisp and papery like the conventional rice dosa , so it suits well for lunch boxes as well.

A very nice amla and peanut chutney with fresh ingredients can be made in advance. Soaked peanuts are great for this (roasted peanuts are good too). Some green chillies, garlic pods and some green coriander leaves....everything ground into a paste with salt to taste, the chutney can be kept in the fridge for a week too.

You see the recipe of this amla peanut chutney is simple and doesn't need any tempering as most south Indian chutneys.

amla peanuts chutney recipe

The other chutney is a simple tomato chutney , the tomatoes chopped and cooked in microwave and then pureed with some red chilly powder and a couple of garlic cloves and salt to taste.

amla peanuts chutney and multigrain dosa

A healthy platter to start your day or any other time of the day. As I said this is a soft dosa, lightly crisp when served hot from the griddle. This is soft and nice even when cold so it could be a good lunch box option for many. Small airtight boxes for chutney is all you need to carry this to your work place.

A tall glass of buttermilk with it for my breakfast and i am done for hours.... with tingling taste buds as i make the amla chutney really hot...

With three whole grain low GI dosa recipes in a row I kept a promise I had made to someone. The ragi uttapam and ragi dosa are delicious meals and can be made in a hurry too.
Some more healthy breakfast recipes are on the way...stay tuned...


  1. loved the combo of flours--good one !

  2. this is great love that you made a whole grain dosa

  3. Healthy dosa with lovely chutneys. Never tried a chutney with amla. sounds interesting.

  4. I am enjoying all your dosa recipes, great ones.

  5. Thank You for these recipes, I plan to try these.

  6. Sangeeta, I also make dosas mixed with diff. flour but never used bajri in it, I have it in stock so may be next time I'll add some to the batter. Love all your posts on dosas...

  7. Wow what a combination of healthy flours...all in one dosa...I liked all the dosa recepies you have posted here... am surely going to stock these flours and keep them where I can see them taunting and haunting me :)

  8. aah !! Sangeeta perfect recipe.Guess ae can use this for idlys as well ??

  9. This batter is good for idli too and i have tried it in MW , especially when everything is soaked and processed at home , not using the powders.


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