101 alternative flours : ragi dosa and two quick chutneys | coconut curry patta chutney and tomato tamarind chutney

ragi dosa recipe

We get very good organic ragi flour at Navdanya outlet in Dilli Haat as well as at the Mother's school outlet. I pick up a few organic flours and nuts etc. whenever I visit these two places. Other organic products like fruits and vegetables are not easily available and are damn costly ) are out of my reach most of the times. I make good use of this ragi flour to make ragi dosa or ragi idli apart from ragi roti. South Indian dosa being favorite of the husband and the whole grains being favorites of mine it is a winning combination in my household. This quick ragi uttapam is a lazy recipe but very delicious served with any chutney made with seasonal vegetables.

The most important thing in ragi dosa is that they are just like the conventional rice dosas, perfectly crisp when made thin and the taste is great after fermentation. This is a brown dosa compared to the white rice  dosa as is brown bread to white. Actually quite dark brown and so good that I now prefer ragi dosa taste wise too. White rice dosa feels like white bread.

(enough for about 8 dosas and the batter can be kept in the fridge for a week)

Urad daal ( split black gram ) soaked and made into a paste 100gm
or urad daal powder 100gm
ragi flour 200-250 gm
salt to taste
oil or ghee 1-2 tsp for a couple of dosas


As you make other dosas, make the batter by mixing the daal paste or powder with the ragi powder, add salt and water to make a flowing consistency batter and let it ferment till frothy. Adding yeast in winter days may be convenient as I do when I don't have a sourdough dosa starter already in the fridge.

When the batter is fermented, mix well and pour ladlefuls on a greased dosa griddle (non stick is quite convenient) and spread thinly for crisp dosas . Repeat the process to make more dosas

ragi dosa recipe

Serve hot with chutneys of your choice .

ragi dosa recipe

I made two quick chutneys this time. The green one is a coconut, curry patta and roasted peanut chutney with green chilies and garlic cloves. A cup of grated coconut, 1/2 cup curry patta, 2-3 green chillies and 2-3 garlic cloves blended together with salt to make a smooth paste is all this recipe of coconut curry patta chutney takes. 

Everything made into a really fine paste with salt to taste and some lemon juice.

The red one is a tomato and tamarind chutney with red chilly and garlic cloves.

Tomatoes and a small piece of tamarind microwave cooked till soft and then blended with garlic cloves, red chilly powder and salt to taste. If the chutneys are prepared in advance this breakfast is super quick, I make them fresh most of the times and the breakfast takes about 20 minutes to get ready.

coconut curry patta chutney

Make the dosa thin if you like it crisp and a bit thicker if you like it a bit soft or you need to pack them for a lunch box.

This is one of those breakfasts which keeps your blood sugar under control being a low Glycemic food and keeps our tummy full for hours without dipping your energy levels.

I used this ragi dosa batter to make idlis too and sometimes add a little besan (chickpea flour) to extend the batter to the next day's breakfast or to make a small snack dosa or idli.

Dosa batter is great to keep in the fridge always, I love it when I keep getting a good supply of ragi flour. Ragi dosa and ragi idli is something that feels like a blessing in the world of chips and assembly line sandwiches.


  1. chutney along with dosa looks delicious. esp the red chutney ... haven't tried this method.. will def try this..

  2. o wow, am already drooling :). All the 3 recipes look amazing...... The mixed grain dosa reminds me of thalipeath, a marathi dish which I have very fond memories of. In my earlier abode, my roomie's mom used to get the flour whenever she used to visit us, and cook thalipeaths early morning for bfast before we leave for office, and that used to be yummy & filling..... :)

    Am too lazy to post on the other posts separately, so posted my comment on this one only :) Wish there was an apply to button that allowed me to select the posts ;-)

  3. Love both your chutney recipes, very quick and mouth watering pics.

  4. This one is an outright winner.... Had tried making ragi dosa earlier, but it never came out well.... Made it following your recipe, and it was perfect :) Your recipes have added a variety to my kitchen, and am receiving accolades thanks to u :-) And I enjoy making them as most of the recipes are quite simple and easy to follow :)


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