ragi and soy yogurt uttapam recipe

Eating healthy is easy. Simple wholesome non fussy food is the answer. Whole natural food. Look out for your ingredients and stock them for your convenience. Millets are one of those ingredients you would be thankful for.

There are benefits of buying and storing healthy ingredients for your kitchen and that benefit is more pronounced when you are alone and have to cook for yourself. Tell me how many times you cook just for yourself and not get into a bread and butter trap or an apple for lunch and a few crackers or chips to justify that i took just an apple for lunch today.

I fall in that trap too and the only thing which can drive me away from a few mugs full of coffee (that's my alone time indulgence) is a few transparent jars of some healthy ingredients who remind me, hey you bought me for yourself.

Ragi flour is placed in a strategic place. You get the drift.

I make a quickest and healthiest of breakfasts in a jiffy. Using my thick base cast iron kadai, a griddle will be more convenient to some people.

A trip to the garden to pluck some curry leaves, chopping an onion mixing it with the soy yogurt (or plain yogurt or even buttermilk) and ragi flour. Some salt and lots of pepper, green chillies chopped.

Whip everything up and make a chilla or pooda or call it uttapam if you please. A lot of ragi dosa recipes are available on the net and this is not much different The only difference is that it can be savored without any chutney, the soy yogurt makes it very flavorful and the extra dose of seasoning makes it a perfect quick snack or whatever you intend it to be...

Just to remind you to store the healthy ingredients in a strategic place and use it , cook it , eat it.


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