Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you like your tea enough? | herb and fruit infused teas to refresh you...

I love my teas. I love brewing my teas with herbs and spices depending on what I need in this hour. We all know that herbs and spices have healing properties, we have spices and herbs for every season for every mood and almost for every little ailment that reminds us of our grandmothers. You know what I mean. This Calamondin (or Calamandarin, some people call it Kumquat) make a nice tea with either Earl grey or Assam tea or even with green tea if you have just started sneezing or have a nasal or tracheal congestion. It's always better to have a soothing tea like this at the first sign of a cold attack. Calamondin or even Limes or Lemons have anti inflammatory properties coupled with a dose of Vit-C to sooth your throat. This Tea also helps if you have had a heavy meal which is not agreeing with your tummy. Simple things come to your rescue for a few day to day discomforts.

Just steep a tea bag (Assam tea was used here) in hot water (500 ml for 3 cups, I need this much in one go :-)) for 2-3 minutes and put 3-4 slices of the citrus fruit you are using. This almost bitter zested Calamondin works best, so use it if you get it. Pour and enjoy the tea, sweeten it with a minimal amount of honey or sugar if you must. I would say the best teas taste best when there is no interference of sugar in it. Believe me.

I was introduced to this tea brand called Typhoo at a recent event where celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani held a live cook off to demonstrate how tea can be used in cooking also. The goodness of tea can be infused into our everyday meals too if you are an absolute tea lover. And there are so many teas to choose from. Vicky poached a chicken breast (marinated with salt and pepper) with a masala tea bag and a few more spices like green cardamom, mace and a stick of cinnamon. The tannins in the tea coated the chicken well which was sliced beautifully later and was topped with ribbons of cucumber and a nice and tangy coleslaw of ginger and carrots.

This Chicken dish was paired with Assam tea that felt like a perfect foil to a tangy, crunchy salad topped spice infused chicken. There was a base of mashed potatoes with curry patta and southern style spicing with this chicken and Assam tea went so well with it.

Tea and food pairing is something that works bang on. Perfectly so.

I also loved this herbed couscous and harissa spiced hummus with a very refreshing Moroccan mint tea. It was like a pairing made to seduce you.

Now you know how the goodness of tea can be enjoyed with food too if you are not too fond of tea on it's own.

I suggest you combine a few of your favorite fruits with hot or iced tea if you wish. They make for great all season drink to serve to your guests too. Please get rid of those packaged soft drinks and start serving some real drinks. Tea brewed with love is as real as it can get.

These Calamondins were gifted to me by the lovely and passionate baker Deeba who calls them Kumquats for the love of how it sounds. I made a nice red chilly and calamondin marmalade with these lovely little fruits and a few more things apart form this tea. More on that later.

 It would be amazing if you grow a few herbs in your balcony or terrace garden. It's worth maintaining  a few pots of herbs as they give you a lot in return. A green patch to look at, fragrant air and some exciting food and drinks to concoct for yourself.

Here is one Lemongrass, Thai basil and Ginger infused tea for you. This is for those days when you have loads of work to be tackled and you are feeling lazy. Just spend five minutes in brewing this tea and get set to brave the work full swing. 

Pluck a spring of your Thai basil and 2 blades of Lemon grass, scissor cut them and throw them into a carafe or kettle along with a few slivers of fresh ginger root. Muddle them all together while the water heats up. Pour boiling water over this mix of muddled herbs and suspend a tea bag (Lime and lemon from Typhoo) into the carafe. Add a slice of Lime if using Assam tea, steep for a couple of minutes and pour the freshness for yourself.

This is the tea to start a day or to start head on with a truckload of work.

My savior I tell you.

 I quite liked the quality of teas by Typhoo. The herby ones are great but the fruit blackberry one I felt was insipid. I would like to add a few slices of real fresh fruit to my teas as I mentioned above. Dried fruits would work only when the fruit used is best quality and has been dried in ideal conditions. Somehow no fruity tea enclosed in a teabag has yet lured me. I would like a spiced or plain tea to start with and add on my fresh ingredients to it.

I would also like to use some of these spices and herbed teas to infuse a few desserts of mine and may be to infuse a plain boiled rice with a herb tea. Stay tuned to see a few more simple food turned exotic kind of recipes should please all the senses I believe.

what say?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Papaya salad that helps in getting a good skin and more | improving gut flora..

Papaya is a favorite food of beauty queens and models as it helps clear the skin. A nourishing fruit that helps in detox too. As we all know, skin is an indicator of our overall health as well so such fruits definitely help availability of nutrients by the system. Papaya is not only a very low calorie fruit, it contains soluble fiber and is packed with minerals (Calcium and Potassium apart form trace amounts of others) and Vitamins, mainly Vit-A and flavonoids (beta-carotene, zea-xanthin, crypto xanthin and lutein), all potent antioxidants. Vitamin- C is also packed in papaya. So it has all that keep the free radicals in check, improves gut flora and nourishes the mucous layer inside the gut wall. Yes, the Calcium and other minerals help to keep the collagen healthy.

Keeping the gut flora healthy is a concern for most people who have been on medication and antibiotics for long, who have been on a fast foods and over processed foods for some time and also who eat protein rich foods but don't have enough vegetables along with it. Also, most of us living in cities live a very sterilised life, not being closer to nature, gardens and plucking fruits off the trees and having them directly is unknown. We need a few friendly bacteria in our gut and having a few fruits that are prebiotic in nature helps reviving the gut flora. Banana and papaya are the most easily available and affordable such fruits. Onion and green chilies are also good prebiotic foods to consider for daily consumption, eaten raw, even in small amounts.

A healthy gut would help absorb nutrients better, mobilise them better and if we get a good supply of antioxidants and Vitamins in our food, there is no reason the skin would not be good.

Tossing up salads for better nutrient availability is the best way to supplement the system. We obviously need supplementation of a few nutrients if you are deficient, but nothing like a natural way to get everything we need. This salad has all the elements for a person who is fitness conscious. The addition of raw pickled onion and ginger helps fight inflammation caused due to heavy workouts and red bell peppers and papaya help in making the nutrients available. Apart from other benefits.

Also, papaya is not the best tasting fruit so tossing up a salad with some zing is a great idea so we enjoy it everyday.


(one serving)
papaya slices from quarter of a papaya or about 300-400 gm
sliced onion, just a tbsp of slices used for one serving
thinly sliced red bell peppers a handful or as much you like
thin slivers of ginger pickled with lime juice and honey*, a tbsp of them required for a serving
pink salt or black salt just a pinch
few grapes if you wish to add


The onion and red bell pepper slices are first soaked in a tsp of vinegar (I used coconut vinegar, you can use any vinegar you like) and a pinch of pink salt and kept aside while you peel and slice the papaya.

Ginger slivers can be mixed with lime juice and honey and kept in the fridge for everyday use in different salads. You can always mix them all freshly too. A tablespoon is required for this salad per serving.

Just cut the papaya slices in bite size pieces and layer them in the base of the plate or bowl. Sprinkle the pickled onions and red bell peppers over the slices and then top with the lime juice and honey pickled ginger slivers as well.

Serve immediately. No salt or seasoning is required over this, but you can sprinkle a little more pink salt if you wish.

Few slices of pineapple added to this salad will be great if you can. I normally get a large papaya or a pineapple at once as we (the two of us) finish any of these large fruits in 2 days, so if we cut both a papaya and a pineapple together it will take 4 days to finish them both. They both keep well in fridge but it's always a better idea to finish them sooner. So they go one by one for us.

 I have used a few grapes to this salad too as they also help in improving it's prebiotic and probiotic properties. It is always better to wash the grapes thoroughly when you buy and then keep them for a day so the bacteria on the surface have a chance to grow again. As we eat the grapes with skin, we eat the friendly bacteria too along with it. Just take care not to wash them thoroughly just before eating them. 
Same is true for the green chilies used in salads and raw salsa dishes.

How is this bite of salad looking? You get a burst of flavors in every bite and nourish your system every day.

It is a great detox salad as well, helps cleansing the gut naturally and effectively.

Monday, January 28, 2013

passion fruit and yogurt dessert with hint of lime and vanilla| healthy fruity desserts on the go..

A creamy dessert with a hint of lime and vanilla topped with passion fruit pulp is something you would repeat whenever you spot some passion fruit around you. Or may be other juicy sweet and tangy fruits as well. The crunch of the seeds makes the Passion fruit much more yummier than it is for me. The pulp and juice undoubtedly are the yummiest of fruits I have tasted myself. It can be light canary yellow to deep orange-yellow in color but the taste is always the same sweet tangy that explains you best why the fruit is named Passion fruit.

We get Passion fruit puree in tin packaging here in Delhi, never saw the real fruit being sold anywhere. And then I found them in Panaji veggie market of Goa. Immediately bought half a dozen of them without thinking how I would carry them. My cabin luggage was a few more of such delicate things to handle. A few of the fruits cracked but the flesh was intact and as yummy as it can be. Dripping with juice.

As we both like this fruit as a topping of a plain hung yogurt or sour cream, I decided not to spoil these hard earned passion fruits. The pulp and seeds will be a topping for a hung curd or sour cream based dessert for sure I thought. Tarts and cakes are not baked at home unless someone is visiting or the husband feels sugar deprived sometimes. And this time too he wanted something cake/pastry free. Good for me and very comforting to know that a very lightly sweetened dessert is what is being loved at home. I have served such desserts to friends and their kids too and I find if a dessert is packed with fresh flavors it is the best. The presence of flour/butter/sugar is just incidental as these three don't make a decent dessert together that you can enjoy day after day. Natural sweetness found in foods in their most natural form should be used in the best possible ways to make a dessert stunning.

Yes, I believe a dessert should be that last course of a meal that means a happy ending, so make it happy with fresh flavors, not glum and dead with added refined sugars.

Good looking serving glasses and fresh fruits have been my USP when I do desserts, there are other feel good factors than the dreaded sugar. You know what I mean..

Unspoiled, undiluted pleasure of a fresh tasting fruit is not to be missed. Bounty of nature to be enjoyed to the fullest. This recipe is very simple but requires preparation that starts a day ahead of serving. So it needs just about 10 minutes one day and another 5 minutes of assembly when you want to serve it the next day.

(3-5 servings)

yogurt (dahi) 2 cups
fresh cream (25% fat was used here : Amul fresh cream cartons) 1 cup
fresh zest of lime 1 tsp
pulp of a vanilla pod scraped just a pinch (or use real vanilla extract)
sugar 1 tbsp
fresh pulp of passion fruit as required (I used pulp from 4 fruits)
You can use tinned pulp of passion fruit too


Line a sieve with muslin, prop it inside a suitably sized bowl and pour the yogurt in it. Cover with a plate and keep in the fridge overnight. All the whey would get sieved and nice and thick hung yogurt will be ready the next day.

Pour the fresh cream form the carton into a saucepan, add the lime zest and the scraped vanilla pulp and simmer on very low flame for about 5 minutes. Do not boil the cream at any point of time. Rest it for about 20 minutes and strain the cream into a bowl that you would use for whipping the mixture later. Cover and refrigerate.

The next day, just mix the hung yogurt with the cold flavored fresh cream and whip after adding the powdered sugar as well. The mixture will become fluffy and light.

Spoon into nice looking serving glasses and top with fresh passion fruit pulp. The thickness of layers of the two ingredients can be as per taste. Refrigerate the serving glasses at least for an hour before serving. This dessert sets beautifully like a mousse.

The best way to enjoy a dessert when you know everything you are having is good for you. You can top this cream and yogurt layer with mango pulp or cold strawberry coulis if you don't get passion fruit in your part of the world. Or kiwi fruits also make a stunning dessert the same way.

Just keep in mind the best fruity flavors of the season, you would never go wrong with a dessert.


Monday, January 21, 2013

spring onion and potato soup with fresh cream...

Who doesn't like a hot comforting soup in winters when the fingers are turning numb and you get to wrap them around a hot mug of soup. This spring onion and potato soup is that kind. You would feel like keep sipping it for hours holding the mug in your hands. The taste is rightly comforting, not too spicy so you can guzzle loads of it.

Okay, make a meal out of it as you would anyways want to have a large mugful of it. And don't have any breads with it, a piece of grilled fish or a cheesy baked potato may be. Potatoes if you are not wary of too many carbs hitting your system. Potatoes are good carbs anyways.

So I buy a large bunch of spring onions on all my weekly vegetable shopping days as Arvind loves this Alu-hare pyaz ki subzi and this carrot-spring onion parathas too. But I have cooked this soup three times since we returned from Goa. And once it was for a picnic last Sunday. Yes I carried this soup in a flask and topped the hot soup with fresh cream from an Amul carton. It was loved by all.

The pictures are all night time clicks so they appear dark. Don't go by the pictures when you are looking out for a good recipe I tell you. It is a very simple recipe that preserves the flavors of spring onion, potatoes help the soup become smooth and creamy.


(2 meal servings or 4 soup servings)
Spring onions 250 gm
potatoes 100 gm
garlic cloves 4-5 (chopped roughly)
pepper powder to taste
salt to taste
olive oil 1-2 tsp
fresh cream 1 tbsp per serving of a large mugful of soup (or as much you like)


Boil the potato in microwave or whatever way you like. But you need freshly boiled potato for this as the starches become hard in cold boiled potatoes and don't blend well to give a creamy texture. So boil the potato just when you are chopping the spring onions.

The white and greener parts of spring onions will be added one after the other so start chopping from the white side and adding them as the mixture cooks.

Heat the olive oil in a pan and tip in the chopped garlic and then the cubed potatoes. Add the white parts of spring onion as well and saute for about 2-3 minutes or till the mixture sweats. Add salt and pepper, keep adding the greener parts of the spring onions as you go on chopping them. Cook till the greens become limp.

Add 2 cups of water to this mixture and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes. Blend with the help of a stick blender or transfer to the mixie jar and blend it all smooth. Transfer back to the pan and let it come to a gentle boil once again.

A few slices of spring onion greens can be added to the soup as a garnish.

Serve with a dollop of fresh cream.

 This is one of those vegetarian soups that Arvind agrees to have readily. Chicken soup he can have anytime but for veggie soups I need to be smart, or I would cook the soup just for myself.

But I need not worry when I add a lot of cream on top of his soup. He would add a second dollop of cream once he finishes the top layer :-)

 The cream really makes the soup yummy. Butter simply wont do for this one. You can use any other flavorless oil instead of olive oil but do not substitute the cream with anything else.

And tell me how did you like this soup when you make it.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ginger to cure inflammation, aches and pains...

Ginger is a very potent anti inflammatory herb that is very affordable as a daily remedy for chronic pains, arthritis and even muscle pains post workouts or due to excessive use of joints causing pain. Affordable in terms of cost, easy storage and easy procedures to use it. Also in terms of taste as I have not yet come across someone who doesn't like the taste of ginger.

Why I am talking about excessive use of joints? Well, I just did that as I went for another cycling expedition in the western ghats (hills) of Goa. Read the whole story here. It was a 5 day grueling biking (cycling) expedition that was quite tough on my left knee which has been hurt earlier. I felt the pressure on my left knee the last day on all uphills and was cursing myself for not strengthening my surrounding muscles well enough. Anyways, healing the knee after the overuse is in order and I am having a few anti inflammatory foods that would help my knee and other minor muscle and other wear and tear. I am not a young body anymore so need to take care of my healing process a little better than I used to do in my 20s or 30s as a fact.

Pineapple, ginger and turmeric is regularly being used in my soups and teas. Pineapple is being enjoyed as it is and in salads as in winters I don't enjoy the smoothie much. But this pineapple and ginger smoothie is great whenever you can have it. Consuming fresh green or red chilies and raw onions also helps in healing the inflammations.

I realise that we can't cook or assemble time consuming recipes when exhausted or ill so it is very sensible to use the herbs and other ingredients in the simplest of manner. This ginger tea comes handy when I don't have the time and inclination to do something elaborate.

Ginger fight inflammation like common NSAID's (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs). Read more here how ginger heals the inner lining of our digestive tract also and helps in so many other healing processes of the body by improving the blood circulation. It helps relieve migraine headaches too if taken early into the headache.

This is a simple recipe of ginger tea but very flavorful and enjoyable in cold weather like this. This recipe does not use any tea leaves and the ginger is not boiled. Ginger is just seeped in boiling hot water for a couple of minutes, some honey or natural brown sugar is added the the tea is enjoyed hot or warm.

For 2 large cups (300 ml each) of ginger tea you need about 2 tbsp of grated ginger and about a tbsp of either natural brown sugar or honey. This can be had according to taste. he ginger is enclosed in a strainer or is just put into the kettle and hot water poured over it. Just let it seep for a couple of minutes, add the sugar or honey and enjoy your healing ginger tea. If using the strainer like this one, you just need to  dip it in your cup of the kettle for a couple of minutes.

It helps to boost your spirits if you pour your tea from a beautiful floral teapot your friend gifted you. Believe me it makes a lot of difference when your cups and kettles etc contribute to your wellness, not just because they look beautiful, but also because they have been gifted to you with absolute love and compassion.

This cute set of kettle and cup was sent to me by Ruchira who ordered it online one fine when she realised I was feeling low. Such a sweetheart she is, she knew exactly what would lift my spirits and sent me this.

I realised the power of online shopping or gifting by this incident as you really are not required to step out of your house and scourge through hundreds of gifting options for your friend. An appropriate search word in the web would land you at the right place and you can surprise a friend pleasantly.

Sometimes it is appropriate to gift coupons as well when you are not sure of your friend's choices and the friend loves shopping. But for someone like me who hates shopping, this tangible beautiful gift was perfect in all it's color and glory. See this site called CupoNation where you can get both coupons or gifts for your friends and some shopping for yourself as well.

Thanking Ruchira for this wonderful gift she sent me. It would be my companion for many teas to come. Healing, rejuvenating and filling me with warmth.

Wishing you all a great year ahead. Keep having healthy real food, keep moving your body in the right way and don't forget to have ginger tea when you feel exhausted as this is the way your body tells you that some healing should be on the way.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

carrot orange cake with marmalade glaze | egg less and ageless...

A carrot and orange cake has been a favorite cake at my place since I started experimenting with carrots to make the cakes moist and more flavorful. Yes carrots do impart a richness to cakes without imparting any flavor of carrots to them. This one is richly orange flavored, slightly bitter like a good marmalade and soft and rich. The taste of oranges would linger on for sometime when you eat this cake. Deeply satiating I would say.

The recipe is easy, just like other recipes on this blog, takes about 20 minutes of preparation time and 40-50 minutes of baking time.

(for 2 loaves)
whole wheat flour 2.5 cups
sugar (I used unrefined sugar which is a bit less sweet than white refined)1 cup
Olive oil 1 cup
grated carrot 2 cups (lightly packed) or 2 medium carrots
one orange sliced thinly
finely chopped peel of the same orange 2 tbsp
thick yogurt (dahi) 1 cup
baking soda 1/4 tsp
baking powder 1.5 tsp

To make the glaze..
marmalade 1 tbsp
honey 2 tbsp
water 1 tbsp


Whisk the oil and the yogurt together first, till smooth in a deep mixing bowl. Add the sugar and whip the mixture again till smooth.

Add the grated carrot and fine chopped bits of orange peel. If you can't chop the orange peel finely, just zest it to get a tbsp of zest. Use lesser if you don't like the slight bitter taste of marmalade or orange zest. Whip everything together.

Now mix the dry ingredients with the batter and fold them together softly. Do not whisk too much. The consistency of this batter is not flowing, just dropping and needs to be smoothened into the loaf pan.

Pour into the loaf pans, smoothen with the help of a spatula and arrange the orange slices over the surface. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 40-50 minutes. Check once after 40 minutes and then decide whether it needs further baking as different ovens need different baking time.

For glazing, mix everything together and heat for a minute either in microwave or in a pan till it simmers lightly. Brush on the surface of the cake while the cake is still hot.

Let it cool and then slice to serve. You might like to have a drizzle of the glaze mix with the slice as well, or a blob of whipped cream with it. Or may be a scoop of chocolate ice cream. I would like it with hot chocolate sauce in winters for sure. But to tell you the truth, I tasted only half a slice of this cake myself. The one loaf that I kept for ourselves was so lucky it got lapped up by 3 hungry souls who visited our home that day. I had to promise to bake this cake again very soon.

I have one more variant of a cake icing/topping that is very popular at my place with fruity whole wheat cakes. That is a kesar elaichi flavored Shrikhand from Amul. I told you my secret of what I did with my half a slice of this cake. It is like a pairing made in heaven. Yummy.

Rich flavors are deeply satiating on the scale of taste and yumminess, cakes should be enjoyed in richest flavors in small quantities so you don't feel deprived. Synthetic flavors are shallow and never provide the much needed satiety and you often end up eating more. And then repenting and feeling guilty about the indulgence.

Choose real flavors, real food and see how it transforms your liking.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gluten free quiche baked with Indian flavors | cornmeal, cauliflowers and green peas quiche with sour cream..

A quiche with Indian flavors sounds like an oxymoron, even more so if I say it is gluten free. Trust me it is as yummy as it looks.  A cornmeal crust, fresh, in season cauliflowers, green peas and home made sour cream, imagine how would it be.

I had baked this quiche on a whim one day as I wanted a fancier version of a paratha for a kid who was bored with everyday pararthas her mom used to make for her. This cornmeal and vegetables quiche was loved by the kid and she had requested me to teach her mom how to bake this. Her mom and I were both smiling, as we had baked it together talking about the kid's taste preferences.

Anything that is baked in attractive bake and serve ware and is served with a little pomp, makes a child feel special. Breaking the routine also works really well. This quiche will be a nice break from parathas we north Indian enjoy so much in winters. A healthy bake with seasonal flavors, one of those things that I developed for a picky kid and ended up baking for ourselves quite frequently.

I know it will become a favorite in your home as well. The vegetables can be changed slightly depending on the texture that they have after cooking. You would like mushrooms, boiled potatoes, broccoli, sweet corn or sliced baby corn etc in this quiche. Just make sure to parboil the vegetables before mixing them up for baking. Adding some boiled and shredded chicken or cooked and rinsed soy nuggets would be good too.

ingredients for the crust...
cornmeal (makki ka atta) 1 cup
sour cream 1/2 cup
ajwain seeds 1 tsp
salt to taste
ingredients for the filling...
cauliflower florets cut into small pieces 1.5 cups
fresh green peas 1 cup
chopped coriander greens 1/2 cup
finely chopped ginger and garlic 1 tbsp each
eggs 2
sour cream 1/4 cup

salt n pepper
red chilly powder 1/2 tsp or more

whipped sour cream to serve


Mix the crust ingredients together and test by making a ball out of the flour mix. It should bind lightly.

Spread the mixture in a greased pie or quiche pan and press to make a uniform covering of the mixture, raising some of the mixture on the walls as well. Press well all around.

Bake at 200 C for about 10 minutes or till a golden brownish colour appears.

In the meanwhile, steam the cauliflower florets and green peas till half cooked. I just microwaved them together for 3 minutes. Cool them down before proceeding.

Mix all the other ingredients of the filling, including the eggs that have to be lightly beaten before being added. Pour the mixture into the baked crust and bake again till the filling is set and the top starts getting  golden brown. Took me 30 minutes on 180 C.

Serve with whipped sour cream.

Just run a knife around the quiche and it will slice and come off easily. Quite form and crumbly, perfectly crisp on the outside. The cauliflower florets retain a bit of crunch and the peas are also firm yet soft and sweet, they way they taste in season.

Sour cream is home made in this case. You can always make your own sour cream by culturing fresh cream or homemade malai that we get even in pasteurized milk here in India. Just add some buttermilk to heavy cream or home made malai and let it get set. Whip and use as required.

You can whip it lightly or till firm, it will be yummy both ways..especially with a quiche like this or a whole wheat cake.

Good fats are never to be avoided, yes you need some refrain in quantity when you are on a weight loss regime. But then if you have it for one meal and have a light meal later in the day, it all balances out.

One thing to note is, that you have to consume the quiche right away if you are using these vegetables. As the leftovers are not as appetizing as a fresh warm quiche. The crust doesn't stay crisp when reheated and the vegetables loose freshness. If you use chicken, minced meat or bacon, it is still better. So bake it when you have to serve it.

You would agree baking is almost synonymous with flour butter and sugar for many of us. There are so many savory bakes that use cheese, eggs meats and many other ingredients that are healthy but we somehow are more attracted towards a sugar rush when it comes to celebrations and formal dining. I admire sugar craft as an art but could never love sugary bakes even when I was a young kid. Savory bakes were more my type although they all used white flour in some or the other way. The only healthy baked treat was my mom's Handvo (a savory Gujrati snack) which she used to bake very occasionally but in large quantities. I haven't yet posted a decent Handvo here, I promise I would not make you wait too long now. I know I keep recommending many of you to have Handvo as a snack or mini meal and keep promising to post the recipe as well, I promise I will do that this winters. We still love Handvo.

I promise you would love this quiche too. Try it once and tweak the filling according to your taste. Add some boiled chicken or bacon if you like, or just some crumbled paneer if you are a vegetarian.

Let me know if you bake this. Gluten free bakes are much better than the plain flour ones, having more texture and more taste. I know you agree if you are a regular visitor here.

Cheers...wishing you all a happy new year.