spring onion and potato soup with fresh cream...

Who doesn't like a hot comforting soup in winters when the fingers are turning numb and you get to wrap them around a hot mug of soup. This spring onion and potato soup is that kind. You would feel like keep sipping it for hours holding the mug in your hands. The taste is rightly comforting, not too spicy so you can guzzle loads of it.

Okay, make a meal out of it as you would anyways want to have a large mugful of it. And don't have any breads with it, a piece of grilled fish or a cheesy baked potato may be. Potatoes if you are not wary of too many carbs hitting your system. Potatoes are good carbs anyways.

So I buy a large bunch of spring onions on all my weekly vegetable shopping days as Arvind loves this Alu-hare pyaz ki subzi and this carrot-spring onion parathas too. But I have cooked this soup three times since we returned from Goa. And once it was for a picnic last Sunday. Yes I carried this soup in a flask and topped the hot soup with fresh cream from an Amul carton. It was loved by all.

The pictures are all night time clicks so they appear dark. Don't go by the pictures when you are looking out for a good recipe I tell you. It is a very simple recipe that preserves the flavors of spring onion, potatoes help the soup become smooth and creamy.


(2 meal servings or 4 soup servings)
Spring onions 250 gm
potatoes 100 gm
garlic cloves 4-5 (chopped roughly)
pepper powder to taste
salt to taste
olive oil 1-2 tsp
fresh cream 1 tbsp per serving of a large mugful of soup (or as much you like)


Boil the potato in microwave or whatever way you like. But you need freshly boiled potato for this as the starches become hard in cold boiled potatoes and don't blend well to give a creamy texture. So boil the potato just when you are chopping the spring onions.

The white and greener parts of spring onions will be added one after the other so start chopping from the white side and adding them as the mixture cooks.

Heat the olive oil in a pan and tip in the chopped garlic and then the cubed potatoes. Add the white parts of spring onion as well and saute for about 2-3 minutes or till the mixture sweats. Add salt and pepper, keep adding the greener parts of the spring onions as you go on chopping them. Cook till the greens become limp.

Add 2 cups of water to this mixture and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes. Blend with the help of a stick blender or transfer to the mixie jar and blend it all smooth. Transfer back to the pan and let it come to a gentle boil once again.

A few slices of spring onion greens can be added to the soup as a garnish.

Serve with a dollop of fresh cream.

 This is one of those vegetarian soups that Arvind agrees to have readily. Chicken soup he can have anytime but for veggie soups I need to be smart, or I would cook the soup just for myself.

But I need not worry when I add a lot of cream on top of his soup. He would add a second dollop of cream once he finishes the top layer :-)

 The cream really makes the soup yummy. Butter simply wont do for this one. You can use any other flavorless oil instead of olive oil but do not substitute the cream with anything else.

And tell me how did you like this soup when you make it.


  1. Beautifully delicious! Green is a awesome color for Spring.


  2. Have to get this made today ! maybe actually make it ! Thats an even better idea... !

  3. Love the generous way you dollop cream in your soups :) YUM :)

  4. did u know i love soups... dekhna mere blog mein khoob soups try karne ki koshish karti hun... nevr had the himmat of trying a potato soup, but this one looks so appetizing.. will let u know if i try...

    1. There is a mushrooms and potato soup on this blog too Swati. You would like that too. This one is a winter favorite when the spring onions are packed with flavor.

  5. Love the addition of spring onions in your soup! Came across your blog from Deeba's, and happy to discover your healthy yet delicious recipes.

  6. Made it ! :D although the colour was a bit pale... it tasted yum !!! :D Creamy !!

    Will still make an improved version.. I think this will become a regular at home :D

    1. Glad you liked it Hitchy. Add more of the springs next time to get a pretty green color. We get very thin bulbs of spring onions here in Delhi so the whites are not that much.
      Thank you for letting me know :-)


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