Ginger to cure inflammation, aches and pains...

Ginger is a very potent anti inflammatory herb that is very affordable as a daily remedy for chronic pains, arthritis and even muscle pains post workouts or due to excessive use of joints causing pain. Affordable in terms of cost, easy storage and easy procedures to use it. Also in terms of taste as I have not yet come across someone who doesn't like the taste of ginger.

Why I am talking about excessive use of joints? Well, I just did that as I went for another cycling expedition in the western ghats (hills) of Goa. Read the whole story here. It was a 5 day grueling biking (cycling) expedition that was quite tough on my left knee which has been hurt earlier. I felt the pressure on my left knee the last day on all uphills and was cursing myself for not strengthening my surrounding muscles well enough. Anyways, healing the knee after the overuse is in order and I am having a few anti inflammatory foods that would help my knee and other minor muscle and other wear and tear. I am not a young body anymore so need to take care of my healing process a little better than I used to do in my 20s or 30s as a fact.

Pineapple, ginger and turmeric is regularly being used in my soups and teas. Pineapple is being enjoyed as it is and in salads as in winters I don't enjoy the smoothie much. But this pineapple and ginger smoothie is great whenever you can have it. Consuming fresh green or red chilies and raw onions also helps in healing the inflammations.

I realise that we can't cook or assemble time consuming recipes when exhausted or ill so it is very sensible to use the herbs and other ingredients in the simplest of manner. This ginger tea comes handy when I don't have the time and inclination to do something elaborate.

Ginger fight inflammation like common NSAID's (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs). Read more here how ginger heals the inner lining of our digestive tract also and helps in so many other healing processes of the body by improving the blood circulation. It helps relieve migraine headaches too if taken early into the headache.

This is a simple recipe of ginger tea but very flavorful and enjoyable in cold weather like this. This recipe does not use any tea leaves and the ginger is not boiled. Ginger is just seeped in boiling hot water for a couple of minutes, some honey or natural brown sugar is added the the tea is enjoyed hot or warm.

For 2 large cups (300 ml each) of ginger tea you need about 2 tbsp of grated ginger and about a tbsp of either natural brown sugar or honey. This can be had according to taste. he ginger is enclosed in a strainer or is just put into the kettle and hot water poured over it. Just let it seep for a couple of minutes, add the sugar or honey and enjoy your healing ginger tea. If using the strainer like this one, you just need to  dip it in your cup of the kettle for a couple of minutes.

It helps to boost your spirits if you pour your tea from a beautiful floral teapot your friend gifted you. Believe me it makes a lot of difference when your cups and kettles etc contribute to your wellness, not just because they look beautiful, but also because they have been gifted to you with absolute love and compassion.

This cute set of kettle and cup was sent to me by Ruchira who ordered it online one fine when she realised I was feeling low. Such a sweetheart she is, she knew exactly what would lift my spirits and sent me this.

I realised the power of online shopping or gifting by this incident as you really are not required to step out of your house and scourge through hundreds of gifting options for your friend. An appropriate search word in the web would land you at the right place and you can surprise a friend pleasantly.

Sometimes it is appropriate to gift coupons as well when you are not sure of your friend's choices and the friend loves shopping. But for someone like me who hates shopping, this tangible beautiful gift was perfect in all it's color and glory. See this site called CupoNation where you can get both coupons or gifts for your friends and some shopping for yourself as well.

Thanking Ruchira for this wonderful gift she sent me. It would be my companion for many teas to come. Healing, rejuvenating and filling me with warmth.

Wishing you all a great year ahead. Keep having healthy real food, keep moving your body in the right way and don't forget to have ginger tea when you feel exhausted as this is the way your body tells you that some healing should be on the way.



  1. its a lovely teapot...My husband ordered a similar one(though in a different print) after seeing urs!!!!

    so sweet of ruchira :)

    btw where did u get this strainer????

    1. Thanks Sushmita :-)
      The strainer is from Bharat crockery INA.

  2. I love all kinds of tea, but drinking it in these gorgeous cups makes it even more special :)

  3. <3. Am so glad you liked it. This is such a wonderful post. thank you so much. <3 <3 <3

  4. The tea in teh picture looks such a treat !


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