Monday, September 6, 2010

unusual greens : drumstick leaves in egg scramble..

We keep cribbing about the pesticides used in agricultural practices and organic food is fast catching up , something I see as a positive change towards our food habits. Natural methods of agriculture are the best and need to be revived, there have been great examples of it being sustainable in every respect . At the same time we should be aware that there are many food ingredients available naturally in organic form , if you have a neem tree or a drumstick tree in your neighborhood you know that nobody uses chemicals for them and they are naturally organic . Similarly most of the coconut growing along the coastline of India is naturally organic for obvious reasons .

Being aware of this and planting more useful trees in the neighborhood is what we should be doing , and off course protecting the trees which are already growing . Nature is generous and ready to give unsparingly , we just need to nurture it a bit.....just a bit.

The drumstick tree in my garden provides an inexhaustible supply of nutritious greens , and nutrition I mean .........calcium , iron , phosphorous , Vitamins C and A ..all good things at no cost . It's great for gout and rheumatism and is a tonic food. I use the leaves to make parathas just like methi parathas with just a handful of dry kasuri methi and nobody has been able to tell that it is drumstick leaves.

Many people boil the leaves first and discard the water to make it more palatable (as many people do with bitter guards too), I feel that is unnecessary and wrong as the leaves can actually be tasty if cooked sensibly .
Apart from the usual daals and bhurjis n parathas I make from these nutritious greens , I came across a very interesting use of drumstick leaves . Found a recipe of egg bhurji here where he has used these leaves . Tried it the same day and it was just fantastic , Arvind loved it too and even said that this is one of the best way we can have it.... see how it's made in a jiffy...

( serves two )
drumstick leaves 1 cup tightly packed ( stalks removed )
finely chopped onions 1 cup
finely chopped green chilies 1 tbsp
eggs 4 nos.
salt n pepper to taste
ghee 1 tbsp


Heat ghee in a pan and throw in the green chilies and onions and fry till onions are translucent .

In the meanwhile microwave the drumstick leaves for a minute on high , covered.

Put the leaves into the pan and stir to mix . Add salt n pepper to taste.

Beat the eggs lightly ans pour into the pan, let it set a bit and then turn and stir to make bite sized chunks of the bhurji, quick stirring will result in a finer scramble and that we don't want .within a minute or so it will be ready to serve.

While Arvind couldn't tell it was drumstick leaves but I could taste them n it tasted yummy , just keep the salt a little less than you normally use as drumstick leaves tend to be a bit salty (or alkaline in taste). It was amazing to see them blend so well with the eggs and onions..... I see this bhurji repeating in my kitchen very frequently..what do you say...

Posting this, I realize I haven't posted many egg recipes though it's very frequent in my kitchen . Reason being my love for greens and it's the greens bring this post with eggs here :) :)

Embrace the greens and enjoy.....

Coming up with another unusual greens , stay tuned.....


  1. never heard about this combo.very new idea.looks yummy

  2. Thanks Subhashini ...that's really quick.

  3. Hi Sangeeta,
    I follow your blog regularly.Love your recipes and ur techniques...Thanks..Will be trying ur onion paratha soon..


  4. Thanks Vini , your feedback is valuable for me . keep in touch and feel free if you have any queries.

  5. My Maa makes a beautifully aromatic dal with these greens. the bhurjee idea is great too. looks delicious.

  6. Drumstick leaves...that is another new herb for me....the egg dish looks so delicious!

  7. Dear Sangeeta
    I used to eat a dal with this green, when I was Orissa.
    I like the aroma of the leaves. WIth egg it will be a great combo...of late the doc has told me to stop all kind of roughage , fruits and salad and milk for some need to wait before I make this
    Have a nice day

  8. Very rich in iron content. We used to add drumstick to ragi and make a dosa out of it, with eggs. This makes me remember it.

  9. Thanks Devasena ...
    you have to share that recipe of ragi dosa with drumstick leaves n eggs ...

  10. This is my favorite green, my grandmother used to make yummy dishes out of this