mixed vegetables scrambled eggs with English style multigrain muffins

Multigrain English muffins and mixed vegetable scrambled eggs. 
Breakfast for me should be a colorful and hearty meal as it keeps me happy and energetic throughout the day. Especially for me it needs to be quick too, all the morning hustle bustle leaves me with no time at all, that is the reason I have modified many of my favorite recipes into simpler versions. This scrambled egg used to be my favorite Spanish omelette, with a few crisp potato slices in the base. But now a days when I am pressed for time, I just scramble all the ingredients together, the taste is almost similar. Potato slices are skipped these healthy multigrain English muffins come in as healthier and more filling alternate to potatoes.

To bake the multigrain English muffins quickly, I keep the dough ready in the fridge. In the morning I just shape these flat rounds with hands and microwave them for a minute each, then I place them over a grid place on gas flame. A nice crust forms and hot multigrain English muffins are ready in a jiffy.

Dough of the multigrain English muffin is very simple to make. Just mix the multigrain flour with yeast of your choice or sourdough starter, knead a soft, loose, pliable dough and let it ferment slowly in the fridge overnight. Or go ahead, let it ferment and bake all the English muffins you need and then refrigerate the muffins for a week. I prefer refrigerating the dough and baking my English multigrain muffins fresh.

I add the soy milk byproduct (fresh okara) that results from the soy milk that I make almost twice every week. Adding this fresh okara to the multi grain flour mix allows natural fermentation without added yeast and the muffins are quite soft and flavorful. No fats or eggs are used in this and the texture of the muffin comes from the fiber in the okara and millet flours. The muffins (you can call them buns too I guess) taste very nice with this scrambled eggs.

You can bake these English muffins directly on a griddle (tawa) as well. Make balls of the dough and flatten them with your hands. Arrange them all on a hot griddle and cover with a dome shaped lid. Let it cook for a couple of minutes and turn all the muffins to cook on the other side too. Keeping the muffins covered while they bake makes it easy to bake them evenly.

Scrambled eggs or egg bhurji is mostly like the one I have already posted. Variations are always possible and it may depend on availability of veggies or simply on your mood.

This time I just heated a tsp of ghee (my favorite fat to cook but any other oil can be used) in a pan. Chop green chillies, onions, zucchini, capsicum and tomatoes one by one (half a cup each) and go on adding them into the pan. Add salt and pepper and 2 eggs, scramble lightly so that large chunks are formed. Sometimes I finish it with mixed herbs, or any fresh herb from the garden. Serve immediately with the muffins. yummm........


  1. yumyum!i can smell the aroma of the dish.my kids will love this.:)

  2. Thats scramble looks tooooo yummyyy..:)

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    You have an amazing blog here. I was planning to bake my own bread and you gave me such beautiful ideas. Thank you so much. Looking forward to more yum recipes from you.

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