Detox recipes

Detoxification of the body requires a mild and gentle gut cleansing through the food we eat, which reflects in our skin as a visible sign and in the whole body and system as a fresh and energetic feeling. According to Ayurveda a detox routine cleanses all the doshas from our body , in simple word the toxins.

We can plan for a two to three days detox by drinking juices of vegetable and fruits smoothies only but that requires us to stay at home. And well, keep going to the loo several times a day. That way the detox is great but we cannot afford that routine many a times. This kind of detox with juices and smoothies causes a significant drop in energy levels and is not healthy.

There are a few more ways to gently detox the body and system by choosing ingredients and recipes in such a way that you eat all the detoxifying food for your regular meals. And not feel dizzy by exertion or fluid loss. Following these recipes would require some planning of the other meals of the day too as if you are eating a wheat sandwich for one meal and choose one of these detox recipes for another meal of the day, it might not give you desired results.

Most foods that help detox are either mild diuretics, rich in antioxidants or contain soluble fiber in them. Fresh and colorful vegetables, herbs , beans,meat or fish broths made with herbs and veggies are great. Beans and greens, most fruits and juices are great too. Having said that, a consideration of seasons, our body constitution and medical conditions also decide what would suit us best.

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  1. Two salads with radish
  2. Baby spinach, sweet lime and pistachios salad for lunch
  3.  yogurt with chikoo, dried prunes and dates... naturally sweetened
  4. Pearl barley and green peas soup in a coconut milk broth 
  5. Chamomile tea , a relief for migraines and IBS
  6. Rat tailed radish or radish pods raita/dip/salad
  7. Rat tailed radish or radish pods stir fried with coconut and ginger
  8. Guava salad/chaat
  9. Radish salad/raita/dip/spread with yogurt and nuts
  10. Dhokli kadhi, a yogurt chickpea soup with chickpea dumplings 
  11. kashmiri haak, a green stir fry 
  12. Kahva, Qehva or Qahva, a spiced kashmiri green tea
  13. limeade or nimbu paani sweetened with Stevea 
  14. Broccoli and lentil soup for dinner
  15. Broccoli mung and pearl barley for a one pot meal 
  16. Cherry tomatoes and chickpeas salad 
  17. Mushrooms and green peas with barley, pasta style 
  18. Bitter guard mash/bharta for quick detox 
  19. Broccoli, soy nuggets and tomatoes stir fried... detox dinner 
  20. Fruit salad for detox breakfast 
  21. Mango yogurt for detox 
  22. Mango salad for detox
  23. Fennel tea 
  24. Purslane stir fried/sauce 
  25. Red bell pepper salsa
  26. Zucchini raita/dip/spread
  27. Mushroom and spinach soup 
  28. Beet greens saag/curry 
  29. One pot meal with broccoli and pearl barley 
  30. Sweet n sour clear soup for dinner 
  31. Pumpkin soup with fennel 
  32. Tomato pumpkin soup
  33. Garlicky spinach soup 
  34. Turnips and tomatoes soup 
  35. Chickpeas chaat 
  36. Cabbage and peas soup
  37. Grapefruit and tomato chutney
  38. Broccoli and tofu in a hot,sweet n sour sauce 
  39. sweet potatoes and water chestnut salad
  40. Amla chutney, a chutney made with Indian gooseberry 
  41. Red lentil vegetable soup with pearl barley
  42. Peach salad 
  43. Horsegram uttapam and a detox chutney 
  44. A desi fruit chaat with Ajwain 
  45. Mixed vegetables in a cumin pepper seasoning, dinner detox
  46. Chickpea sprouts in a greens salad 
  47. Turmeric soaked tofu and spinach stir fry , detox dinners
  48. Red cabbage salad in mustard dressing
  49. Cabbage stir fry in a sesame curry paste
  50. Tomato salsa salad with Arugula 
  51. Pearl barley and assorted vegetables for a one pot meal, pasta style
  52. Buckwheat in a tomato soup  
  53. Chickpeas and cauliflowers in a hot curry 
  54. Bathua ka saag or Chenopodium chutney/dip 
  55. Green garlic in a stir fry
  56. Green mung beans dosa with raw tomato chutney
  57. Green cauliflowers stir fried  
  58. Cauliflowers, cabbage and Knol khol in a stir fry 
  59. Mushrooms ans spring onions stir fried
  60. Pear and grapefruit salad 
  61. North eastern grapefruit salad
  62. Minty fruits salad with a lemon cucumber/cantaloupe
  63. Ghee fried peppery okra 
  64. Phalse ka sharbat 
  65. Detox summer coolers

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