savoury fruit yogurt | grapes and popped amaranth yogurt jar

Fruit yogurt is always considered as a sweet treat. So many brands of fruit yogurt have sold tonnes of fruit yogurt packs with luscious pictures of fruit on the pack and loads of sugar and artificial flavours and and even synthetic colours in the yogurt, which is not even cultured yogurt.

Make your own fruit yogurt I say. And make it savoury, the contrast of the sweetness in the fruit and the saltiness in the lightly spiced cultured yogurt is something you would love.

savoury fruit yogurt

Grapes are in season and are being sold by the cart loads on Delhi streets (well, the fruit and vegetable markets) right now. Using grapes in the fruit yogurt has always been a favourite way to eat grapes I must say. I usually don't add any sugar to the fruit yogurt I make, but making it savoury actually gives it a pleasant turn of taste.

Add some grain and it becomes a meal. Such fruit and yogurt based meals are suitable for the summer heat we are enduring right now.

(2 large servings to make a meal)

1.5 cups of halved green grapes
1 cup of yogurt whisked
1/2 cup popped amaranth
pink salt to taste
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1 tsp roasted cumin powder
1/2 tsp mint powder
Chopped nuts of choice


Mix everything together and fill in the serving bowls or mugs, serve immediately or rest for an hour for a creamy texture.

I suggest filling this fruit yogurt in jars with lid, so the popped amaranth gets soaked by the time you serve it.

You can make variations by adding small cubes of cucumber and some pomegranate pearls.

savoury fruit yogurt

The refreshing natural sweetness of the summer fruits tastes really good with the roasted cumin powder and mint powder.

Instead of popped amaranth I sometimes add some poha, soaked basil seeds or even cooked quinoa but popped amaranth doesn't change the texture of yogurt much.

savoury fruit yogurt

Change the flavours as per taste and keep enjoying the savoury fruit yogurt all this summer. I am often tempted to add other summer fruits but I like grapes and pomegranates more for the savoury fruit yogurt.

Do try the recipe and let me know if you like. Depending on commercial fruit yogurt can be avoided and so easily, the recipe of this fruit yogurt is so simple even a child can assemble it.

I have not been very active on the blog and the lunch box series has been abandoned too. It was not intentional but the passing away of my father in law in January this year and some added family responsibilities after that have kept me busy and exhausted. I am intending to bring more blog posts and hopefully this savoury fruit yogurt kick starts the much needed action.

Stay tuned.  


  1. Condolences on passing away of your father in law. May god provide strength and peace to the entire family to cope up with this. Savoury fruit yougurt is a first time for me. Shall try


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