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Sesame seeds come handy when I have to make quick nourishing foods many a times. The chutneys and dips have been my savior when I have to whip up quick meals and snacks. This sesame seeds and orange dip has been a regular in many variations as I keep adding different flavours to it, the motive is to eat more sesame seeds regularly.

sesame seeds and orange dip

This sesame and calamondin salad dressing is more complex in flavours, we love it to make our vegetables flavourful.

The simpler dip recipe I am sharing today pairs really well with carrot sticks, apple slices, fritters, crackers and even parathas. Try this and you would know what I am talking about. I love recipes that can be used differently and don't perish somewhere in the fridge, pushed back in a corner.

(makes to fill a 350 ml jar, 5-6 or more servings approx)

one orange peeled, sliced and seeds removed
150 gm sesame seeds lightly roasted
1 tsp orange zest (optional, use only if the oranges are organic or home grown)
1 tbsp crushed jaggery
1/4 tsp pink salt (or table salt)
1/2 inch piece of ginger grated
1/2 tsp paprika powder
1-2 tsp balsamic vinegar


Mix everything in a blender jar and make a paste. Do not add any more liquid to it. 

Let it rest for an hour in the fridge before serving. This sesame orange dip keeps well for 2 weeks in the fridge.

We ate so much more raw carrots this season thanks to this dip, knowing that all the nutrients in this food combination are absorbed well is a great relief in the times when we have been planning our meals carefully. 

sesame seeds and orange dip

I have not been updating the blog lately because of so many distractions and family emergencies. Hoping to be regular now and continue the lunch box series again. The giveaways are still up so keep commenting to be eligible.

In the meanwhile I will tell you that I brought some water apples from Calcutta in December, yes it has been that long. I was there developing a Banaras chaat menu for The Grand Oberoi and training the chefs the nitty gritties of making traditional chaats, some of them are even steamed but all of them healthy even though the calorific value may be high in some cases. Real food is always better I keep saying.

Coming back to the water apples, these are so delicious with a mild flavour and crisp texture. The fruit oaks salad dressings like a sponge and responded really well with a diluted dressing made of this sesame seed dip.

water apples

I just diluted the dip with some lime juice and salt and pepper to adjust seasoning.

Just some thinly sliced carrots, thinly sliced water apples, some greens and flowers from the garden and lot of well soaked smoked Bandel cheese that I brought from Calcutta.

water apple salad with sesame seeds and orange dip

This salad was such a delight to eat. So many flavours and textures in every bite, the bandel cheese is salted and crumbly and it provided a great contrast to the crunchiness of carrot and water apple, few shreds of pea shoots and kale from the garden kept the promise with bites of greens.

Some radish flowers lending a hint of pungency here and there, you can use any leafy greens or herbs you like but don't let it overpower the fruity notes of this salad.

water apple salad with sesame seeds and orange dip

Will tell you more about the Bandel cheese soon, the lunch box series will be resumed within a week and we will celebrate a new season with mangoes and then cherries, plums, peaches, apricots and what not.

Stay tuned and join the fun.


  1. Hi Sangeetha,
    Thanks for sharing healthy recipes and tips. I have a request- I have been planning to make vinegar at home but do not have the mother. Could you possibly guide me on how to make vinegar from scratch?



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