beetroot juice can become your best energy drink | beet juice recipes to fight inflammation and improve muscle efficiency

beet juice with fruits

Beets are nourishing healthful food not just because they are rich in antioxidant pigments. The nitrates and Betaines found in beets make them one of the best foods to heal and nourish the tissues. I have already enumerated reasons to include beetroots into everyday meals, I would also like to tell that I have myself experienced how beet juice helps improving the energy level and even helps athletes to improve their performance.

I usually don't recommend juices but when one needs some specific nutrients instantly into the bloodstream, the juices help. Like in this case the nitrates and Betaines together help improve the stamina (read more), muscle efficiency (here) and overall performance in sports or exercise (see here). I have experienced the beet juice giving great result in the instance of adrenal fatigue and stress induced Fibromyalgia. Fresh beet juice with some lime juice and rock salt gives relief in Fibro fog, the inability to focus when there is a Fibromyalgia flare.

The way beets work can be further explored and since it is a cheap and readily available ingredient I feel glad recommending it to everyone who needs it. All the above benefits are more pronounced in the form of juice, I have actually not compared the juice with raw or cooked beets but imagine you can drink the juice of 2 beets easily while eating 2 beets in a salad will become a meal, preventing you from having some more nutrients you may need when you want to improve stamina or treat your fibromyalgia or even extreme exertion.

beet and pineapple juice

The beet juice with rock salt and lime juice is alkalaising for the system and helps in managing Gout and uric acid surge. I sometimes add chunks of pineapple to make the juice tastier since pineapple is anti inflammatory too. The beet juice combination with pomegranate and amla is also quite tasty.

beet and celery juice

You can add some celery to the juice and the benefits remain the same, with a little difference in the final taste. Adding different beneficial ingredients to the juice helps get multiplied benefits and keeps one interested in the drink that one has to drink everyday. 

 beet complex juice

The one combination I found the most beneficial in managing muscle efficiency, DOMS, pain management and to boost energy and healing in general is this one I call Beet complex.

My beet complex includes 1inch piece of both fresh turmeric and ginger roots, one amla and 2 beets per serving, along with salt and pepper sometimes even a green chilli. This combination, I must add is NOT tasty but the most healing for the body. 

ingredients for beet complex juice

This beet complex helps gut health along with it's anti inflammatory effect and of course regulating the blood pressure too.

beet complex juice

If you find beet leaves you can cook it like palak paneer or even make rajma with beet greens. More beetroot recipes can be explored to keep using them everyday. Beetroots or beet leaves cooked with meat is great too, check this chukandar gosht and try if you wish.

beet greens

A very good everyday beetroot dip is made using grated raw or steamed beets. The recipe can be found here.

beetroot tzatziki

You can grow beets easily if you have some space. Or try and find beets with greens to get the most of them. This is one vegetable that should be in your weekly shopping list.


I know many people who don't like beets because of the strong earthy taste (that is due to the betaines) but on the other hand some other people love beets precisely for the same reason. Try different recipes if you want to include them in your everyday meals and make it more palatable for yourself.

The beet juice with pineapple is quite a tasty concoction so it can be your daily juice if you wish. The beet complex needs a bit of stronger will but you do eat and drink your medicines too.


  1. The reason why I like ur blog the most gives all kind of information and all possible ways to use it.Lovely pictures.I must share after operation when Mom has low hemoglobin, instead of medicine I gave regularly beet juice.It worked magically. I have to try now Chukandar Ghost.Thanks :)

    1. Thank you so much Sai. I am so glad yo find my blog useful.


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