101 glute free breakfasts : banana millet poffertjes, making bite sized breakfast treats

banana millet poffertjes

I have a nice Poffertjes pan that I use rarely. I have made some delicious bite sized snacks in it many times but this is one pan that can be used more frequently I feel. In India it is used more to make south Indian Paniyarams too.

The traditional cast iron Paniyaram pan that I bought from an old shop has never been used but I am in a good mind to season that pan and start using it in the kitchen. For me the utensils I keep buying and hoarding also become a reason to cook some dish apart from the ingredients I like, seasonal produce and so on. This time the everyday staples are cooked into a not so everyday utensil and the final result is something we all like. It is particularly good for kids.

There is always some banana that got overripe and if you don't make smoothies everyday and you don't want to bake banana bread you have to find more creative ways to use overripe bananas. Here I used the overripe banana with coconut flakes and ragi flour to make these fluffy Poffertjes that get a nice crust in the pan.

banana millet poffertjes

(2-3 servings)
2 small over ripe bananas
1/2 cup ragi flour or a bit more if the bananas are bigger or a mix of amaranth flour, oats and wheat flour (in 2:2:3 ratio)
handful of coconut chips or flakes or 2-3 tbsp
pinch of salt
a generous pinch of soda bi carb
1/4 cup of homemade yogurt

ghee for shallow frying (total 2 tbsp, actually lesser)
honey for serving 


Mash the bananas with the tines of a fork. Add all the other ingredients and whisk till a thick batter is formed.

Heat the pan and grease with few drops of ghee in each depression of the pan. Drop a scoop of batter in each depression and let them cook for a minute. Turn them using chopsticks or a fork and let the poffertjes cook all around. Keep the flame medium while frying and drizzle little ghee while cooking.

banana millet poffertjes

Serve with honey drizzled over the hot poffertjes. I sometimes like them with a nice sweet and tart chutney too. 

Sometimes I replace the ragi flour with a mix of amaranth and other flours and the poffertjests look like this. The husband always needs honey with it and for me it has to be either plain or with a pickle like Bharva mirch ka achar. Try a sweetish (no sugar, only sweetened lightly with fruit) pancake with this pickle and tell me how you like it.

banana millet poffertjes

The amaranth flour pancakes or poffertjes are a little too soft inside and do not taste good when cold. In fact even the ragi one starts feeling too dry so make sure you eat them hot and crisp.

Poffertjes are actually very good finger foods for kids. These can be packed in their lunch boxes too with home made fruit preserves or anything that they like. But make sure you use whole wheat flour if making for lunch boxes as the wheat flour ones taste good even when cold.

Use almond meal or egg in this recipe if you want to increase the protein content a bit.

To replace the yogurt from this recipe use 2 eggs instead of yogurt.

Coconut chips or grated coconut provide a nice texture and taste in these poffertjes. You can replace them with flaked almonds if you wish.


  1. Quite a yummylicious post on food. Keep bringing it on:)

  2. Thank you SO much for the gluten free recipes!! God bless you!

  3. Wow. These look delicious. We make these with wheat flour and lil semolina for a crumb of sorts. And fresh ground coconut instead of dessicated (you've used that, right?)

    I'm wondering if I can use a multi millet flour I have (has a mix of Bajra, Raagi, Jowar, Foxtail millet, Jodi millet etc)

    Let me first try the Raagi ones! Thanks a ton

    1. Thank you. Use any flour blend you like and these will be as good. I used coconut chips not dessicated coconut here but use any form of coconut.

  4. thank you for such wonderful recipe, infact i love all your recipes. i am going to try this for tomorrows breakfast :)


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