Mediterranean flavours for Sunday brunch at NYC, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi | one of the most healthy cuisine to be relished closer home

Mediterranean food is considered the healthiest. Though I don't agree with the healthiest tag because every traditional cuisine that has survived innumerable generations is healthy by default, there are a few festive indulgences that are not meant to be eaten everyday. Same is the case with Mediterranean cuisine and I think Indian cuisine also falls in the same category. So does every cuisine whose history can be traced to the same land.

So when you are choosing your favourites from a fully loaded Mezze counter you have your choices. You get your marinated Beets, fried Aubergines, Chickpea salad, Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Muhammara, Tahini etc along with Tabbouleh, Warak Anab (rice stuffed grape leaves) and Tahini Turp Salatasi (radish and tahini salad) to choose from.  Several types of Pita and Lavash breads too.

Mediterranean Sunday Brunch at NYC, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi

We were at NYC restaurant of Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi last Sunday and they are featuring Mediterranean cuisine for all Sunday brunches through March. The Mezze spread was amazing and I loved the tart and flavourful Warak Anab, very nice and nutty Tahini Turp Salatasi and their Eggplant Feta dip. The Chicken Shawarma was also good. We loved the Tabbouleh a lot, this could be a meal in itself but we had to taste more.

I took second helpings of Marinated Beets and Marinated Mushrooms, both were very flavourful, almost pickled.

Whenever you are at NYC, do not miss their individual serving salads. You will find a new favourite among those salads every time you go. This time I tried Seared Fig with Blue Cheese and Walnut and loved it. Green curry marinated Fish with Pomelo was also good.

Among the Mediterranean main course I loved the Cauliflower and feta baked with dill and onions which is called Firinda Karanabahar Mucveri. It was rich in flavours and yet light to eat. The Paella Valenciana was okay, the prawns in the paella were really good. I found the Shrimp Saganaki a bit under-seasoned.

The Tunisian Couscous with dates, apricots and herbs was really nice but the Turkish Lamb Palau was a thing of art. The Turkish palau was so comparable to a perfectly done Biryani and yet had it's distinct identity. We both loved it.

The other favourite was Pork loin with Navy beans. This stew was smooth, flavourful and delicate, very comforting. There was Moroccan Harissa spiced fish that I found okay. The Chicken pot pie was also good, a few more things on the menu that I didn't bother to taste. The elaborate antipasti counter was ignored in favour of more flavours from the land.

It is worth if I find a few favourites to remember, here I found the Turkish Palau that makes me crave for it. Pork loin stew with navy beans comes second.

Mediterranean Sunday Brunch at NYC, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi

My friend and Arvind saved space for desserts and we really found some good ones too. Umm ali was good, my friend loved the Zeppole (custard stuffed doughnut), Arvind loved the Muhallabiah, Samali was not impressive but the Baklava was loved by all.


Nice and nutty, not too sweet just the way we like it. Just the right serving size too.

The Indian buffet also goes on at NYC and one can choose the Hyderabadi Biryani or a paneer tikka if required, desserts also had many more options. I always fill my plate with some pineapple and kiwi here as they help digest the food better. 

They have three more Sundays till this Mediterranean flavours lasts at the Sunday Brunch at NYC. Go enjoy if you love this cuisine as much as we do. You might not like some of the things but the ones you like will make a lasting impression.

Enjoying the flavours and yet not overloading your system even if you eat a bit more is possible with Mediterranean buffet. Also, Mediterranean cuisine is one of those that you would like even if you are experiencing it for the first time. The similarity of ingredients will make you comfortable and the freshness of flavours will keep you interested into each bite.