how to cook goat (mutton) liver | recipe of goat liver fry and fried rice with mutton liver

salt n pepper mutton liver fry

Goat or mutton liver is not one of my favourite foods. I started eating it when I realised this is the easiest way to get a booster dose of Vit B12 which we tend to be loosing too fast in our stressful life. Stress and Vit B12 (cobalamine) deficiency feed each other and we just can't afford to be deficient in this Vitamin which is not found in any vegetarian source.

The only vegetarian source of Vit B12 is fermented foods, but I am not sure how many people consider fermented foods as vegetarian or if it is considered vegan, going by the way these trends are gaining statures like one of the manic religions. And for some reason many people think I am a vegetarian knowing I write a healthfood blog. I mean they consider vegetarian eating healthy and anyone who is writing about health must be vegetarian. This kind of logic is beyond my understanding, especially when vegetarians eat loads of processed foods and consider it healthy.

But anyway, even mutton liver was beyond my imagination and I could never eat it initially when I started eating meats. I hated the texture and even the smell. Then I started experimenting with the recipes and found a few ways even I like my mutton liver. One of those recipes is a curry patta spiced mutton liver and another mutton liver with coriander greens.

Sometimes the most basic recipes end up being quite nice and this ghee fried mutton liver with just salt and loads of pepper is one of the ways I like it. Just remember to use freshly crushed pepper corns and cook the liver just for about 10-12 minutes or till it is succulent when you cut one of the pieces.

It is very important to know how to cook mutton liver, as wrongly cooked mutton liver may make you hate it for ever. Over cooked mutton liver is chewy and rubbery and under-cooked liver oozes blood. The piece of liver should stop bleeding when cooked, and it is done as soon as it stops oozing. If cooked more it starts getting chewy and you may not like it.


250 gm mutton liver
salt and pepper to taste (freshly crushed pepper, more the better)
1 tbsp ghee


Heat the ghee and dump the liver pieces into it. Fry for about 2 minutes and then sprinkle the salt and freshly crushed pepper. Stir fry till the liver pieces start changing colour and stop oozing blood when cut through.

Once done this kind f mutton liver is loved by most people, especially with drinks.

Making the mutton liver fried rice

I sometimes make it in large amount and reserve some of the pieces in the pan to make a fried rice with it, using leftover refrigerated rice.

Just chop the mutton liver pieces into really small bits using a sharp knife or spatula within the pan, sprinkle loads of chopped spring onions and a dash of soy sauce, stir fry for a couple of minutes.

Now add some cooked plain rice, adjust seasoning and mix well while stirring it to cook well too.

mutton liver and spring onion fried rice

Serve hot with some radish slices or any green salad.

In fact this fried rice has also become my way or eating mutton liver. I cut the pieces so small that I don't even realise the texture (that I am not too fond of) but the flavour is great along with spring onions and a dash of soy sauce.

Do let me know if you try this. Adding leftover refrigerated rice is a good way to make such fried rice for two reasons. One, the rice mixes up really well with the vegetables and whatever meat or eggs you are adding. Secondly, the rice starch become resistant and hence the glycemic index drops. So this mutton liver fried rice recipe is a very low glycemic meal. Safe even for diabetics.