a menu with soybeans at eau de Monsoon, Le Meridien New Delhi

I was skeptical when I got an invite to review a menu with soybeans as the theme. Honestly speaking I do eat soybeans (only native varieties, not the GM soy) for the convenience of getting good quality protein in a convenient way at home but I wouldn't care for soybeans when eating out.

And then I know many vegetarians who suffer when eating out as there is no protein rich balanced food available for them on the menu mostly. What I found in this menu was encouraging to say the least.

Soybeans as a theme of a 5 star hotel promotion sounds a bit odd but it was good to see what Chef Davinder Kumar created with soybeans and Tofu at eau de Monsoon at Le Meridien.

Here are some of the things I tried from the Soya@eau de Monsoon menu.

*Soya and bell pepper seekh kabab served with orange and fennel marmalade salsa/salad was a healthy and tasty kabab. I liked the salad served with it more than the kabab though.

*Five spiced Tofu served over wilted spinach and bell pepper makhni sauce was my favourite. I love wilted spinach and the silken tofu took to the makhni really well.

*Soya Shami kabab with pineapple carpaccio and mint mayonnaise was a great vegetarian kabab, the side relish could have been better.

*Soya and pine nuts stuffed chicken which is char grilled to give a perfect juicy bite, served with cucumber raita jelly and masala foccacia tasted great.

*Soya keema matar was impressive in bringing the true flavours of the curry without taking my mind to whether it is meat or soya. This is a compliment :-)

*Soya biryani was well done but I am partial to biryanis so I wont say much.

I was apprehensive of soya overload but I am glad the soybeans were complimented well with suitable flavorings and textures and each dish had it's on identity. Soybeans were used cleverly to create good flavours in traditional recipes.  

We tried Lamb Jaisalmeri and Daal makhni from their regular menu too and both were excellent. Daal makhni is my favourite and I can make a meal out of it and this one made me happy. Lamb was also perfectly done, well spiced and balanced.

For desserts we ordered Sandalwood ice cream from their Ice Cream Parlour and this turned out to be one of the best ice creams I have ever had.

The cooling aromatic ice cream gently sliding down your throat is something you wouldn't want to miss ever. The perfectly toasted nuts provide a perfect foil to this aromatic ethereal scoop of goodness.

I shared a picture of this Ice cream on social media and many friends requested a recipe of this ice cream. I will try and make the ice cream soon and may be share it too.

Stay tuned :-)


  1. Each dish had distinct taste .When a pure Non Vegetarian says this for Soya dishes .... it means a lot. Hey Sangi Thanks :)


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