review : a confluence of coastal cuisines at Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency Gurgaon

It was a hot and sultry day when it rained as a flash for almost an hour. The much needed rain felt like a spoiler as I was planning to go to the other part of the town to taste the spread at the Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency Gurgaon. The drive took more time than usual but I was reading a book on the way so it did not feel too much. I was hungry by the time I reached and found myself surrounded by many kitchen counters representing coastal cuisines from all parts of the world.

Coastal cuisine doesn't always mean seafood as Chef Adam rightly said while introducing us to various kitchens spread over the huge dining area. The whole dining area is divided into small niches for different moods and time of the day. One can choose to sit anywhere and eat from anywhere and it was this concept that made Kitchen District feel like a great holiday option or even a weekend meal.

We started with a Chicken meat ball Yakitori and a sweet potato Yakitori and I loved both. The sauce felt perfect to keep dipping new bits of meat ball as I was really hungry.

A Focaccia was served with a topping of mashed aubergine, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and micro greens. The toppings were yummy but the bread was a simple bun not a focaccia. I have a problem when non edible herbs (leaves) are used for garnish. I found one on this one, an ornamental Asparagus.

I loved the simple clean honest lentil soup that came with a pita bread with sumac sprinkled on it. I had some more sumac in the lentil soup and it was such a comfort food. Superb presentation too.

I loved the pasta with string beans as well. A little sprinkling of Parmesan and olive oil made the pasta really good. Well balanced.

The Stuffed tomatoes with couscous was nothing notable. I did not like the Tofu and spinach with soy sauce. The spinach tasted bitter and tofu was bland.

But Crispy fried pork had a mind of it's own. It was really good with hints of star anise, sweet and sour sticky bits of fried strips of pork. I quite liked the black pepper prawns as well. Rightly done fresh prawns just as I like them.

The best part is that the Kitchen serves fresh hot sticky rice with all meals as a complementary offering and the rice is served out of a traditional bamboo basket.

Lamb with cabbage tomatoes and peppers was good too. Could have tasted great with the sticky rice but I did not try.

The best flavours came from the Chettinad kozhi curry with prominent aroma of coconut and southern spices. Loved the Neer dosa that came with it. There was a neat looking egg paratha but the egg stuffing was just too salty.

The Chettinad kozhi and neer dosa is worth it's salt. Great work by Chef Senthil. Really well done.

What I liked for dessert options is the lavish display of various options one can choose from, the spread included fresh fruits, cocoa covered almonds, candies cashews, various fruit and chocolate sauces, marshmallows and macaroons etc.

One can get a personalised dessert made on the counter adding whatever one fancies that day. Makes so much sense if you want to have some control over what you want to eat.

I liked the raspberry sorbet that I tried and some fresh pineapple juice. I tasted bits of a few more desserts but I am not a desserts person and none could impress.

We had already had so much food to taste and it was getting late. Now after a hearty lunch I was reminded of the book I was reading. I had almost an hour to read on the way back.