finding my new Chinese favourites at Pan Asian, WelcomHotel Sheraton, New Delhi

 Recently I discovered two really good Chinese vegetarian dishes that I would love to bring into my kitchen sooner or later. One was an Eggplant in Tamarind Chilli sauce and the other was a Monkey-head Mushroom in Chilli Vinegar sauce. I was bowled over by the clean flavours and yet so distinct identities of these dishes. Let me tell you where I had these.

It was at Pan Asian restaurant of the WelcomHotel Sheraton, New Delhi where Chef Ken Chong is presenting the textures and flavours of Chinese cuisine this month. My two finds of the day I already shared with you. While Monkey-head mushrooms were a part of the appetisers, the eggplants dish came for the main course.

Don't be fooled by the mushy texture, the eggplant in tamarind chilli sauce is something all eggplant lovers would relish. But then may be the mushroom dish would also be loved more by the mushroom seekers. Food is a very personal choice.

The other things that I liked was a Fried Prawns glazed with Wasabi mayonnaise and the Pork tossed with dried red chillies and onion rings. Both these retained the textures of the meat and yet were able to bring out the seasonings well.

I love the texture of the pork strips. I love making such stir fries myself.

The main course also has a nicely done Sichuan braised Lamb Shank. Well cooked and moist lamb shank had the distinct flavour of sichuan peppers along with other spices but the eggplant in tamarind chilli sauce surpassed it in matters of taste.

I liked the Olives fried rice that came as a good surprise. The taste of olives blended well with a Chinese style fired rice.

But Don't order any desserts as they mix up your dessert orders and take forever to bring them. Actually the overall service was very very slow for some reason after the main course was hurried even before we had finished our appetisers.

I wish good food was accompanied with great service always. And the desserts were done well like the appetisers and main course.