picture recipe | raw mango and carrot coleslaw

Here is a short recipe of raw mango and carrot coleslaw. Salads in summers is the only food that can be consumed in abundance and we thrive on them. For this raw mango and carrots coleslaw I use the half ripe but firm mangoes or any raw mangoes that are not too tart.

This salad makes use of orange carrots in season, the red onions so good for preventing heat stroke and raw mangoes that are considered great for preventing health strokes too. Chopped green chillies and mint also help the purpose of this salad to provide a cooling accompaniment to meals.

Yes the picture recipes are back again. This picture was shot last year but I have been making this salad at least once a week. Hope you all like it too.


  1. this looks wonderful I can see why you make it often

  2. So colourful! And so pretty with the "noodles"!

  3. Lovely and mouth watering recipe /pic. But, how do you cut those thin strips? I am impressed by its simplicity ,twist and the skill in cutting.

  4. This is how food should be - fresh, seasonal, uncomplicated! And a powerhouse of nutrients! Fantastic, I love it.


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