breakfast ideas I am soon going to recreate | signature breakfast at Le Meridien

When you see an Indian touch to traditional cafe classics from all over the world you feel the food is your own. In my case I would always want to recreate it somehow if I have liked the flavours. Same was the case when we tasted the signature breakfast menu at The One, Le Meridien, New Delhi.

The first thing that bowled me over was this tall corn and masala brioche. Very well done, served with a drizzle of balsamic reduction on the plate. The brioches tastes great with a little butter and is really well done, I would have liked a little tamarind chutney drizzle instead of balsamic reduction. May be a small batata vada and some more chutney to convert it into a brioche vada pao of Bombay? I know I have weird ideas but I would try doing that myself. Bless the Chefs of The One to create such a lovely brioche.

This baked omelet rolled with lentil cheela and stuffed with tandoori chicken morsels served with mint chutney is such a good idea to get a gluten free protein rich breakfast or even meal. One could use any leftover tandoori or grilled chicken, fish or vegetables into this rolled omelet.

I found the taste really good, tender tandoori chicken and firm omelet wrapped with cheela. I wish there was some chutney smeared inside to make it a more juicy and flavourful roll. Although the chutney is served with it, it could have made the roll great otherwise. But I am not complaining.

Another option of the signature breakfast is this crepes stuffed with palak paneer scramble, served over makhni gravy and topped with fried carrot shreds. This was my kind of breakfast (or meal) as it was full of spinach done really well. Some people might find it too much vegetables for breakfast but works really well for me. Plated beautifully, this dish will please young kids I feel.

I loved the idea of rasam poached eggs served over a lentil gallete. A southern spiced raita was served on the side. I loved the idea of rasam poached eggs as well as the lentil gallette. Arvind didn't like the lentil gallette as expected but he did eat a little. He loved the rasam poached egg though.

Ah and they serve this wake up shots when yo arrive for breakfast. Lovely tangy shots of apple juice and tamarind extract and another is tomato juice and pepper. Both of them were yum and did wake up the palate for great taste coming ahead.

Enjoyed this breakfast while chatting with Arvind on a Saturday morning. We had 2 rounds of the really good Illy coffee while chatting leisurely at the restaurant. It is fortunate to get a few relaxed weekends in between and chat nonsense. Been traveling a lot these days and not getting time for myself. But I will be more disciplined I promise myself.


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