Dimsum brunch at Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel, New Delhi | spent a weekend eating flavorful and healthy dimsums and more

No prizes for knowing that all steamed foods are healthy in some way or the other, the reason I love steamed foods is, that I find them packed with flavors. The natural flavours of ingredients stay intact when they are steamed as they cook in their own juices, a dash of a cold pressed oil, some freshly made sauce or a dip or a dressing and the meal looks great. Even if the steamed ingredient is just some seasonal vegetable. It is a delight when the steamed meal is something like a delicately crafted array of dumplings served piping hot in bamboo steaming baskets.

Devouring a complete meal that includes only steamed foods, may be a few raw foods as well, may not intrigue many of you but it can be a wholesome enjoyable meal believe me. We experienced a nice brunch of a good variety of dumplings at 19 Oriental Avenue, Shangri-La's- Eros Hotel at Ashoka Road. This lovely Oriental restaurant is a cheerful place in winters and spring time as it overlooks the hotel gardens and one can see a riot of colours these days.

The dimsum brunch has been designed by the restaurant's Chinese culinary master Chef David Leung and the variety of dimsums on the menu is quite impressive. Simple ingredients combined with a few herbs or greens in such a way that the dimsums are succulent, melt in the mouth and so flavourful.

I recommend the River sole with Bonito flakes dimsum and the Traditional Har Gow (shrimp dimsums) and loved both for the texture as well as flavour combinations. Very thin and light dimsum wrappers and perfect stuffing. Chicken Shitake and Chives, Traditional Sui Mai with Pork, Pounded Chicken with Red curry paste are great too. Just ask for flavours you like, the dimsums are done perfectly so you would always be impressed with whatever you order I am sure.

I was surprised to taste the vegetarian dimsums as the Assorted vegetables with Sichuan chilli, Water chest nut and Lotus stem stuffing was wonderful. We tried Baby corn with Asparagus Thai chilli paste and Spinach Mushroom corn as well and loved all of these. I strongly recommend trying the vegetarian dimsums too even if you are a hard core meat eater.

The dimsums are served on the table while the brunch buffet is open to choose from a wide array of Japanese, Chinese and Korean style soups, stir fries, noodles, sushi and sashimi etc. We sampled a few sushi and California rolls too and loved them all.

The miso soups can be ordered with whatever seafood you like in them, I had mine with octopus and loved it. Miso soup is already one of my favourite soups and this one warmed me up nicely. Sushi. miso soup and dumplings make a great oriental meal on a weekend.

The only thing I would normally avoid when eating out is breads and yet I tasted the Baos on the menu. The Barbeque Pork Bao, Enoki with Spinach Bao and Pan fried Vegetable Bao are all well made but they don't fit into my scheme. You might like them if you are having multiple servings of Miso soup may be.

We tried a few desserts from the buffet and loved the Lemongrass flavoured Cream Brulee. The Dragon fruit Mousse was good too. A Sago and Coconut milk Pudding looked promising but couldn't impress. The Wasabi Cheesecake is worth trying, a faint hint of wasabi in a well made cheesecake was really nice.

Light refreshing kind of desserts are better to choose and you get good options here that are not too heavy to conclude a pleasant meal. 


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