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Many of us think that healthy living is a distant dream accessible to a few who are fortunate to have a battery of their own minions to take care of the worldly affairs while they eat healthy and train their bodies to glorious scales of perfectness. And then there are people who manage a healthy fit life as if everything about their body function is battery operated. I mean there really are people who just follow a routine without much thought about how to enjoy life otherwise. Is there a middle ground somewhere? Can a normal fun loving person lead a healthy and fit life without getting mad at how things work in real life?

Well, I don't have any definitive answer because I am the one who keeps struggling always to fit in enough workouts in my routine and to understand bodily movements better. Not only that, I have been struggling to improve my sleep, my biological rhythm and related issues. Being more organised is one of the dream motto. I consider myself as a work in progress and that has helped me make peace with my set of conditions.

People often ask me how to follow a healthy eating regime when there are so many temptations around and procuring ingredients, storing them and finding them usable when required, is such a huge task. Organise your grocery shopping better, store the fresh ingredients strategically, start the day with sorting out the meals and snacks of the day and arrange them in different boxes or jars and place them according to what time you are supposed to have them..

How to organise snacks for the day

This is all I would say. And it works until you get the habit of doing it all instinctively. Do the same with your workout regime as well, you know I am trying to get there as far as regular workouts are concerned. Doing them instinctively on time I mean.

Organise. Organise. Organise.

How to organise snacks for the day

What reminded me of a little organised behavior of mine, was the fact that I had kept all our cycling gear in one backpack that we normally carry to our cycling trips.

The backpack was unzipped as we got a good opportunity to bicycle in the city. We had not cycled in Delhi earlier so when this opportunity came to wake up early and cycle around a few nice places in town, we jumped at the thought of it. The grand organiser app Evernote had invited a few pro cyclists of the city and a few other people to be a part of a cyclothon starting from Akshardham temple to Green park.

Troy Melone, the GM Asia Pacific for Evernote, is an avid cyclist himself and that is the reason the team decided to bring the cyclists of the city together. My pleasure absolutely to be a part of it :-)

I am so glad we went for it, the thought of getting up early every day after that has been knocking at the back of my head since then. I feel closer to my goal of getting up early, instinctively.

Now after 2 weeks of the cyclothon, I feel I can't walk outside early in the morning due to the dense smog we have started getting in the capital. It is so horrible in the early mornings and late evenings that I get faint headaches every time I step out. Indoor workouts for winters I resolved after getting hit by the evil smog. Early evening walks are on though.

It was the second Sunday of November, a little foggy early morning, clean and crisp air, no sign of smog. The 17 km ride was awesome fun.

We interacted with Troy Melone and when he was telling us about how he keeps a record of all the biking routes he has covered in  the mountains, I was thinking how we can also use it for our trekking routes and also to coordinate with group members while on a trek or biking expedition. If everyone is logging the details while GPS is also at work, Evernote can be accessed by anyone to know where everyone else is positioned.

Very interesting. That is, apart from organising whatever trivial information one wants to store and access when required. Organising grocery shopping and daily routine of sorting out our macro-nutrients and supplements could be easier if an app can keep records.

Keeping a track of workouts, planning workouts for the week and even making a log of hormonal symptoms for women if there has been a troublesome history with estrogen/progesterone behavior. Manage your stress err.. PMS better?

Here is how one can make a healthy lifestyle more workable. Yes, identifying the loopholes and organising the things that you feel go wrong works nicely. Taking some interest in the kitchen affairs, planning a daily or weekly menu works if you have started eating healthy recently, it becomes a habit once you are comfortable with it.

Use a phone application (Evernote) if you are not adept at planning or if you fumble through the week.

Thanking team and Troy Malone for a pleasant cycling experience in the city as well as for a gentle nudge to be more organised.


  1. I think it is human nature to strive for balance in our lives- A constant struggle. Thanks for sharing that organization is the key.

    1. You said it Velva..Yes, we do keep struggling for the balance and thats life :-)

  2. among the many reasons to travel with you one is the tiffin's that you will bring! :D :D :D :D

    Geez... *shamefullygreedy*

    1. Let's plan something Hitchy :-)
      Yes I do carry a few things with me when we travel and I will be eyeing your fafda-thepla-rotla too ;-)

  3. I have to get onto cycling after I get over you know what!!


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