picture recipe : paneer, tomato and garlic chives salad

Paneer, tomato and garlic chives salad. You can use fresh mozarella or add a little bit of feta cheese to this salad but paneer makes it simplest for Indian homes. This salad keeps well for about 4-8 hours in winters at room temperature and hence makes a nice salad to be packed in lunch boxes.

You can also use mint, coriander greens or baby spinach and basil for this salad but do add some minced garlic to the dressing in that case.

A healthy salad that tastes like you worked a lot. Do let me know if you like it.


  1. only today my doc was telling me include more of paneer in the diet and this is perfect for my packed lunch!!!

  2. Sounds very healthy and delicious.. thanks for sharing, Sangeeta :)

  3. Hi Sangeeta! I made this salad for dinner this evening. Can't thank you enough for what it did to my taste buds. I can keep going on like a broken record how much I love and look forward to all your innovative, healthy and more importantly 'happy' recipes :-)) Much love, Kalyani


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