picture recipe | hot chocolate with cinnamon and marshmallows

How about a cup of hot chocolate with hints of cinnamon and a fat marshmallow floating on it? I enjoy it very often and keep recommending everyone I know. A great way to have a hot soothing cup of chocolate without sugar. Yes the marshmallow has some sugar (not the healthy type, but minimal) and it keeps melting while you drink, giving you a hint of sweetness as you go.

Use full fat milk, good quality chocolate and cinnamon powder to get the best results. I used Ghirardeli 100% dark chocolate for this.

You know well good quality chocolate uplifts your mood and helps relieve PMS. Right?

And please do let me know of you would like such picture recipes on this blog. I am planning to do small picture recipes so I can share more and more recipes with you, writing in detail becomes a restriction sometimes. What say?


  1. I love the idea...it's inspiring! I'm hungry for a cuppa about now!

    1. Thank you Deeba. I am really thinking about picture recipes so I can share more.


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