apple, soft pears, sweet lime and feta salad with eggs on the side..

With several types of pears and apples coming in the markets from the hills of Himachal and Kashmir, I buy loads of them and keep using them for salads and desserts or just having them as it is. packed with good nutrition, these seasonal fruits make more sense than vegetables sometimes. Packed with flavors, juicy and plump the fruits seem much better than vegetables that look sad and sometimes mouldy in the rainy season. Rains are pleasant after the scorching summers, but they bring their own difficulties with them. We actually don't eat any greens during rains and skip eating all raw salad vegetables even tomatoes and cucumbers or carrots.

Fruit salads look more promising.

I tossed this one up for a weekend brunch. I boiled some eggs while the fruits were being sliced and mixed with the dressing.

The dressing is actually a very minimal balsamic and olive oil emulsion (that results after shaking it in a bottle), minimal salt, pepper and a dash of red chilly. Some juice of the sweet lime is squirted while slicing it so the dressing gets a citrus tang to it. See how to slice sweet limes and use the juices in this salad dressing.

The feta I used in this salad is a bit more salty than normal, so the salt was used minimally. I just sliced the pears and apples, sliced the sweet limes, squirted the remaining juice of sweet lime and crumbled some feta into it before pouring the balsamic EVOO dressing into it. Some powder Parmesan was also sprinkled and mixed.

The eggs were just halved and were left unseasoned. The flavorful salad was a good alternating bite between the mouthfuls of boiled eggs. We ate this salad silently. A sign of a meal devoured well.

You could add some plums or peaches into this salad as well. Having this salad as a meal is the most convenient thing on a weekend. You can add some nuts into this salad too if you are skipping the eggs. Paneer cubes will be great in this salad if you are planning to make it a meal like we did..

Or just serve it with the weekend drinks you have planned.

Try it and let me know if you like.


  1. what nice idea..for our sunday brunch..when we most always wake up late!!!

  2. My post workout meal today----------it was too good. And I am pretty full.


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