grilling on gas flame | pineapple and broccoli grilled to perfection...

Grilling on gas flame is easy if you have to grill a small quantity. I do it many times as it takes about 10 minutes to get perfectly cooked, lightly charred platter of vegetables. I wouldn't do the same for fish or chicken though, or may be I would experiment and grill them too on gas flame some day. Handling the fresh vegetables with my bare hands is a thrill when they are grilling on the flames. Okay, I use tongs and my hands alternately.

You would use a Weber or a charcoal grill if you have them and if you are cooking for a crowd. If you want to have a grilled meal for two, an elaborate preparation seems to be the limiting factor. Gas flame covered with a wire rack (the kind we use to grill in the oven or cookie cooling rack) is an easy contraption that works well for me.

Here is what I grilled the other days for dinner. There was half a pineapple and 2 small broccoli from the garden and I wanted to use them in the best possible way. The way Arvind would also like it. He loved it.

The broccoli was lapped up greedily and the mustard sauce was all mopped off using the broccoli florets as brush, there was some warm red lentil soup too. Pineapple was had in the last to get refreshed, though the tangy pungent mustard sauce was enough of tingling.

No need to have a dessert after this grilled pineapple.

The pineapple should be yellow and fully ripe to be grilled. Otherwise the sweetness is not nicely caramelised while grilling it.

Just place large cubes of cut pineapple on a grid placed over gas flame and keep turning them with the help of tongs. Let them get lightly charred at corners. Remove from flame and sprinkle with chaat masala. You don't have to think about cooking the pineapple, just letting the edges get charred or caramelised lightly.

The Broccoli needs to be prepped up a bit. I cut the broccoli ( two small broccoli) along with the soft stems as well, lengthwise splitting it into two halves. This one was a tall broccoli flower with slender stems. Then it was blanched in boiling water for a minute, drained and dunked in chilled water. Drained again. All this was done while the pineapples were grilling. You can always cut smaller florets and stick them all to a skewer.

The mustard sauce marination is simple...
2 tbsp English mustard
2 tsp white vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 tsp minced green chilly
2 tsp raw mustard oil

Brush this paste all over and inside the broccoli florets. Grill it over open flame or as you wish. In the oven it will be good to grill it on high temperature on top shelf.

Let it get lightly charred, remove from flames and serve hot. It wont take much time to cook as it is half cooked already. And broccoli always tastes best when there is still some texture in it.

I wouldn't tell you that the gas burner got clogged due to the drippings. But I would clean and it well and grill some broccoli again.

Yes, I love flame grilled vegetables more than oven grilled sometimes. Feeling the aromas and handling them all while getting a feel of how they are cooking is something I wont want to miss.

Do you like grilling vegetables on gas flame? What do you grill most often?


  1. Really Odd combo ;-) I've never had grilled pineapple! will try it sometime. Right now its Mission sourdough bread :-)

  2. wow yummy grill, i love how they have the char grill look

  3. wow, never tried grilling on gas flame, love the idea and a beautiful pic. And best of all, love your mustard sauce recipe.


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