a hot hot chocolate to keep me warm and a wellness giveaway to be won for you all...

Yes, a comforting mug or glass of hot chocolate made hotter by supplementing it with a hint of red chilly. I have it sometimes when I feel bogged down by my work stress, when it feels like all my time just passes off without any meaningful things done for myself. These are the times when I feel like there is no time at all, when all my workout routine goes for a toss. Am I alone in experiencing this feeling?

Many of us complaint about the lack of time in our lives. The time to cook a healthy nourishing meal for ourselves or the time to start working out everyday in some way or the other seems so difficult even when we are just a step away from it. The stresses of modern life make us feel like we are too busy all the time while in reality we are not. Stress makes our mind get halted repeatedly and slows down the efficiency, hence taking much more time to do the same things we might have finished like a breeze. Stress also sends our hormones in a tizzy, sapping up all the restorative activities of our immune system and regenerative hormones, we slip into a condition called Adrenalin fatigue. That is when our system does not support us to be naturally cheerful, also affecting the physical health negatively.

We stay deprived of the high that a good workout brings to us. The satiety level that a well cooked meal brings us. The connect with food that cooking induces. Just because we feign we don't have the time. There is always a way if we will.

Wellness of the body, mind and heart (if not soul) is a holistic goal, as we cannot possibly work for the well being of an isolated system in our body. So if we need a healthy, heart we have to work towards a healthy body in totality. And since our mind also plays a role in wellness, a lot too may diseases have been attributed to be psychosomatic, we need to take care of our peace of mind as well. So if staying away form sugar is easier on normal days for me and on a difficult day I am stranded somewhere when I have no options, I would have anything on offer and save myself from unnecessary stress of finding out my kind of food that fits my bill on strict terms. 

I suggest we should stick to a strict discipline on a daily basis and allow ourselves to relax in social situations and while travelling and entertaining ourselves so we don't have to stress too much regarding the practicality of healthy living. After all, clean and real whole food isn't available so easily everywhere.

Slow and steady changes in our eating habits, stocking up more and more healthier options and not buying any junk or processed foods when shopping for food, growing some of our herbs or vegetables and learning basic cooking takes us a long way when we want to change our lifestyle to a healthy one. Knowing more about our body as a working system helps a lot as well.

Pure cocoa and red chilies both perk up the metabolism, giving me a gentle push towards my daily goals. Cinnamon induces calmness of the mind.

hot chocolate recipe

I have a jar of organic cocoa that I bought from a spice farm in Netravalli, Goa. You can use any good quality cocoa powder that is available to you. 
Two cubes if dark chocolate will be good too instead of cocoa powder for every cup of hot cocoa. 

A generous tbsp of cocoa powder is heated with 2 cups of full fat milk along with a tsp of cinnamon and a pinch of hot red chilly powder. Let the mixture come to boil and then pour into mugs or glasses as required. Add natural brown sugar of you wish to sweeten it. The hot hot chocolate is ready to cozy you up.

And now coming to the giveaway that I am bringing for you all. Recently I visited a wellness center in Delhi and Gurgaon called Perfect Wellness and liked what they are doing to help their clients. They have a few machines to help melt away the fatty reserves with the help of cold laser and subsequent cardio activity but that is not the only thing they are doing. ZERONA and I lipo are the machines they use for fat busting after a body composition analysis done at the center. They have centers in Malviya Nagar (Delhi), in South Point mall Gurgaon and in Noida, so if you live around these areas or can travel to these places easily, this giveaway can be great for you.

The specialist doctors and coaches at Perfect Wellness support their clients by providing them a body composition analysis and detailed report and then suggest and provide a backup of personalised yoga classes, dental care and personalised nutrition management, lifestyle management as well. Apart from this they have life coaches with them too, who counsel the clients as required. I found this concept quite convincing as they have a scientific and expert driven approach.

The specialists at Perfect Wellness say 'Get well sooner', they act on a multifaceted approach. What I liked the most is the Body composition analysis they do which indicates the fat percentage and mineral density in your tissues and bones. That is a good way to start with our workout and nutrition regime, that should be focused on fat loss and lean mass gain, as opposed to just weight loss.

The wonderful people at Perfect Wellness have sponsored a giveaway for Healthfood desivideshi readers living in Delhi and NCR so comment on this post and enter the give away. I know it can be a good start to your journey to wellness. 

Three of Healthfood desivideshi readers will be receiving one free session (worth INR 2000 plus) at any centers of Perfect Wellness. 


  1. Red Chilly in milk ?! I am hearing this for the first time... gee... lemme think if I can try that ! :P

  2. Hi There,

    Would love to win this one.Followed all the rules and my email address is


    Keeping fingers crossed :)

  3. my faorite is hot chocolate with hint of red chilli and cinnamon :)

  4. For those days you need to be warmed from the tips of your toes to the top of your head! The warm hug of a cup of hot chocolate is incomparable - drank a cup everyday in the months leading up to my delivery and after to relax me in-between baby's feeds. Worked like a charm, I might add.

    Promilaa (promilaa@gmail.com)

  5. I love strong hot chocolate with a pinch of chilli powder. I first experimented with it after seeing the movie Chocolat :-) will experiment this time with cinnamon along with it.

    email id- nidhi.bagur@gmail.com

  6. That looks yum,I am definitely trying it. Couple of marshmallows on top of it would be great too.

    Email is : shwetajswl@gmail.com

  7. That looks yum,I am definitely trying this today with few marshmallows on top.
    Email shwetajswl@gmail.com

  8. Whoa...different combination..never tried it before but wud love to try if Sangeeta advises :)
    my mail id is smitajain85@gmail.com

  9. whoa..different combination...wud love to try if Sangeeta advises :)
    my mail id is smitajain85@gmail.com

  10. Lovely ... I like the idea of hot chocolate and chili. Yum!!

  11. Hey!!! i would like to win this giveaway :) :) and my email address-amritashreeya@gmail.com

  12. Sangeeta today is pretty cold and I am yearning for a glass of hot chocolate. BTW I have a very basic query about milk. The milk we get in packets have a best before date which is usually the next day. But the milk vendor claims that it can be kept refrigerated for many days. I have seen people buy 20 packets at a time. Do you have any take on this. I basically want to know how I can buy/store milk without rushing to the store every day. We make our own Paneer and Dahi and the store is quite close.

    1. oh even we are enjoying our hot chocolate again :-)
      For packaged milk I think we can store it for 2-3 days easily if refrigerated and for a month if frozen. I always get milk on alternate days but I boil it always as we do in India,it keeps well for 2 days.


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