Sunday brunch at ITC Maurya | when eating out has to be an experience to cherish...

 Winters in Delhi are a fleeting one month affair. Well, there is some time around this one month that we include in winters as we like staying safe from the scorching sun this country brings in for the most part of the year. That short period of winters is enjoyed basking in the sun as much as possible. Going out on Sundays for heritage walks around the city is my favorite winter activity during weekends. Sometimes we go for brunches that are ever so popular in this city, if we are not heading towards purani dilli to enjoy our Al Jawahar Ishtoo....

Last Sunday it was at ITC Maurya, a posh hotel with splendid offerings for a Sunday brunch. You get to enjoy three restaurants within one brunch package. The Pavillion, The West View and My Humble House. Or any one of these if you choose so.

The multi cuisine restaurant Pavillion is on the ground floor with a wide variety of continental, mediterranian, Italian and Chinese as well. What got my fancy was this corner where they have set up a Biranj, the way an old Delhi chap would say brunch. It is Dumpukht Biranj.

I liked the Biryani and the Haleem very much. Biryani perfectly done, succulent meat and rice redolent with juices of the meat. Haleem was creamy white and I couldn't taste any lentils in it, it felt to have nut paste and quite rich. Loved it however rich it was. Chicken dopyaza was really good too, succulent and flavorful, mildly spicy.

 The antipasti platter and fruit platters are really rich. All good quality fresh product to choose from. We nibbled a few things before we decided to taste the Haleem and Biryani.

Look at the salads on offer..something for every taste....

And they have great desserts for you as well. Ranging from sugar free to heavy Indian mithais, the selection of desserts is vast to choose from.

 But this is not it. The West view- the western grill is even more exotic in it's offerings. With a live band you feel like hanging around sitting quietly, humming with them.

Look at the cheeses, cold cuts and salads..

All laid out on this huge table propped up with antique utensils, food platters all modern, a very interesting contrast styling.

 In the grill room they have a huge variety of meats, seafood and vegetables on display. You choose from it and then get it grilled there, get the meats dressed up as you wish and enjoy the warmth.

We chose a few steaks, tail of lobster and some salad. Everything fresh and as it should be, succulent and flavorful. I liked a marinated slice of pineapple grilled quite a lot.

On the pasta counter I tried an aubergine and mushroom lasagna, it was nice but the paneer and cheese quiche was awesome. A crisp, very thin puff pastry crust and a crumbly soft baked paneer base was nicely done. The chef made me taste the spinach and ricotta ravioli and artichoke ravioli in cheese sauce. I liked the spinach and ricotta but artichoke is too acidic for my taste as it comes from a can.

We didn't have any space or inclination for a dessert after all these stuff we tried. We were full and couldn't sample any of the food on offer at The Humble house. Their dessert display is beautiful with a view of the roads in the background. The way you would like to see Delhi in winters..

With this much variety on offer, it becomes a meal that is an experience to cherish. I would say many healthy options to choose from if you can decide what suits you.

All this is on offer for INR 2499+taxes inclusive of soft beverages for two.
INR 2999+taxes for the Grande` Brunch, inclusive of sparkling wine.
INR 3499+taxes for the luxury Brunch that includes selections form all these three restaurants, inclusive of Champagne.

This is the kind of place I would like to go again and again. I strongly recommend West view Grill if you like your meats and seafood grilled and some good freshly made pasta. For the North Indian food I would recommend The Pavillion as I liked everything I tasted there. A thumbs up from me on the taste and ambiance front. The cost is a bit high but they have set their standards high so you would expect that.

PS : This was an invited brunch for the two of us, myself and Arvind. The opinions are all my own and honest.


  1. ITC Maurya is too costly , I won't spend this much money on food.

    1. Your choice dude. Good food and good ambiance would definitely cost you something.

  2. Nahiiiiiiiiii.... ! When I read the title of the post I knew I shouldn't and yet I knew I had to !!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P Just drool drool and more drool !!!!!


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