mushrooms and cashew nuts stir fry | a yummy finger food or a side dish...

Everyone loves butter fried Mushrooms it's no secret. Some like to add more flavors to butter fried Mushrooms and add garlic to it. Some others like to add even more flavors and some texture too and make it into a lip smacking stir fry that will tempt you to have it as a finger food. And may be it becomes a favorite finger food at your place, like it is at mine. We often call it Kaju-kishmish mushroom.

The flavors are hot and sweet and peppery, the textures are most amazing, soft and plump mushrooms, chewy sweet raisins and a bite in the cashew that is not crunchy as it soaks the liquids while cooking. Imagine fried cashews soaked in mushroom flavors, slightly wilted mushrooms and freshly cracked peppercorns and a few chewy sweet golden raisins. Intrigued? You better be.

You would find yourself making it quite a lot. Even as a snack for your weekend drink may be. Yes, it is that good. Just keep the mushrooms in large pieces (may be halves) and cashews whole if you are planning to turn this dish into finger food.

button mushrooms cut into desirable sized pieces 200 gm
cashews chopped, halved or whole as you wish 100 gm
golden raisins 20-25 gm or to taste
dry red chilies broken 2-3 or to taste
freshly crushed/milled peppercorns 1 tbsp or to taste
anardaana (coarse powder or dried pomegranate seeds) 1/2 tsp or amchoor powder 1/4 tsp
salt to taste
butter 1 tbsp
fresh cream 2 tbsp

Heat the butter briefly in a pan and tip in the cashews and broken red chilies in it. Let the cashews fry in the butter while the butter gets lightly browned during this, the chilly infuses with the butter as well. Cashews also turn pinkish. This has to be done on a medium-low flame as there is minimal butter to fry.

Add the fresh cream and chopped mushrooms to this frying mix, add salt and start stirring till the mushrooms release water, the mixtures gets a bit watery with the cream and the liquid oozing out from mushrooms. Slowly the mushrooms get dry and wilted in 5 minutes or so

Add the freshly crushed peppercorns, golden raisins and anardana powder and stir fry for a minute. Take off heat and serve hot or at room temperature.

This is an often repeated recipe at my place and I always forget to take pictures as it has now become more of a finger food and gets over within minutes of stir frying. Not to mention it just takes 10 minutes to prepare. This old picture taken by my point and shoot camera is here for you all, as a friend of mine wanted a written recipe for it when I was telling her over the phone. Now you know how simple it is to turn mushrooms into finger food...

Otherwise it makes a nice stuffing for grilled sandwiches if minced nicely while stir frying, or a side dish with any meal you plan.


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