Pleurotus or Oyster mushrooms | a simple stir fry with tomatoes and garlic...

I lugged back some Oyster mushrooms from Darjeeling Apart from all those exotic looking vegetables from Gangtok. There were many varieties of Oyster mushrooms available in vegetable markets in Gangtok, I resisted the urge to buy them as they would be spoiled in the 5-6 days we still were on our way. But when I saw them being on sale in Darjeeling too, I couldn't resit. Darjeeling was our second leg of travel and we had to return home directly from there. I took the risk to buy Oyster mushrooms probably growing wild or cultivated in a small farm around the hills. We saw many people tending to gardens and step fields that were just a narrow strip of land on a slope. Amazing sight to see how arduous a job is to grow something in such difficult terrain. But the climate is just perfect for anything green and the place is blessed.

I forgot taking picture of large bunch of this mushroom, this is when I washed it and broke into smaller pieces. Very fresh and meaty.

The recipe is simple. Just a few ingredients and a great taste.


oyster mushrooms 250 gm
good ripe tomatoes 200 gm (2 large or 3 medium tomatoes)
half a red bell pepper
chopped garlic 1 tbsp
red chilly flakes 1 tsp or more to taste
salt to taste
olive oil 2 tbsp


Chop the tomatoes and keep aside. Slice the bell pepper thinly and keep aside.

Heat the oil in a wide pan and tip in the chopped garlic. Let it get pinkish brown before you add the red bell pepper slices. Add salt and stir and cook till it wilts. A minute or two maximum.

Add the chopped tomatoes too and mix well. Cover and cook till tomatoes are mushy. Takes another two minutes.

Now add the mushrooms, broken to bite size pieces and keep stirring and cooking on low flame till you get a coated sauce consistency. Takes about 4-5 minutes, the mushrooms will wilt first, get soggy and then will start holding shape again.

A saucy mushroom stir fry is ready to devour. Have it with any kind of bread, spaghetti or as a side dish in a formal meal.

I didn't add any herb as the prominent flavor of the mushroom would be masked in that case. This sauce accentuates the meaty flavor and texture of oyster mushrooms.

I would like some meatballs added to this if I plan ahead. Next time when I find them at INA, I'll definitely add meatballs to this and chop the mushrooms smaller to go with them..

Are mushrooms your favorite too?


  1. Hi! Good recipe..likes the sauce..:) Actually I liked the plate even better. Read the recipe in the morning and was wondering if u had plated it on a cellophane with Merry christmas..and now came back again and realized its a plate with Merry Christmas..painted on it..??
    Sunita Damodar


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