wheat grass in a citrus salad, easiest to have it...

 I mentioned sometime ago that I got a sweet gift of a potted wheat grass from Le Meridien. I sometimes grow my own wheat grass and juice it along with Aloe Vera pulp and drink as a morning refresher. This time, the quantity of the wheat grass was not sufficient for juicing so I thought of tossing it up in my salad.

Note that there should be no seasoning ideally with wheat grass, so choose a fresh citrus fruit so it helps getting the nutrients absorbed. I used Mosambi, one of my favorite citrus fruits, because of it's mild sweet taste, a rich citrus aroma and a tough skin that allows it to keep fresh for almost a week in the fruit bowl.

Chop and peel the Mosambi (sweet lime), toss it with scissor cut Wheat grass and some chopped almonds. A yummy salad is ready in 5 minutes. You wont miss any salt n pepper or herb flavor in it. 

If you find it tough to find your way through this fruit, click here to see how to peel Mosambi.

The thought of such a refreshing salad lures me to get up and toss this yumminess.

I add Sweet basil or Tulsi sometimes to the same simple salad..

It's not a recipe, just an idea to get refreshed in between work, deadlines and more work. Just get up, do not think about coffee and toss up a refreshing salad. Bring the salad to your desk and start working again.
The salad will automatically find it's way into your system :-)



  1. Very nice. I dont have no mausambi, might make with orange and pistachio

  2. I am addicted to wheat grass powder and take it almost everyday morning, loved this post and will now look out for a potted wheatgrass for self!

    1. Never heard of wheat grass powder Anamika. I am not sure if it works the same way.

    2. Wheat grass powder I dont use in recipes Sangeeta but I take morning daily 1 teaspoon empty stomach for health point of view.


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