Thursday, August 16, 2012

Roasted masala Cashew nuts in Microwave...

Roasted masala cashew nuts in microwave is an easy and quick recipe.This is a popular Indian snack with tea or evening drinks and we all love it for the spicy tangy masala coating and nicely roasted Cashew goodness. I had served this to someone, made instantly while the milky Chai was boiling on the gas stove and she was so impressed she demanded a recipe on the blog. Normally Cashews don't last in my pantry as the husband gnaws on them all the time till they are finished. And we don't go grocery shopping that often. For the same reason I make them instantly just the amount to serve the occasion. Otherwise he would just fill him up with this and skip the next meal saying he is not hungry. That is natural.

This recipe comes handy for me. Tried it first with almonds probably as this method of roasting nuts was in the recipe book that I got along with my Microwave some 11 years ago. Have been roasting Peanuts, Almonds and Cashewnuts the same way since then. The blog gets to have it very late. But better late than never...

The recipe is simple and takes about 5 minutes for 2-4 snack servings.

Just wash the nuts, Cashew nuts in this case, drain them and place them in a Ceramic or Pyrex glass bowl. Sprinkle Chaat masala, salt n pepper and some red chilly powder if you are like me. Red chilly powder gets strong reactions from people so I ask for preference if I am making it for someone. Adding Amchoor powder will be good if you are not using Chaat masala, or go ahead and add some if you like it tart and tangy. Homemade amchoor powder will be great if you have.

Everything to taste, to balance the flavors as you go, taste to get assured. The total amount of this masala mix will be generous as some of it will stick to the bowl too. 

Which you would later scrape and lick I know :-)

Once everything is mixed, the wet surface of Cashew nuts helps to adhere the spice mix and also ensures even roasting when done in a Microwave. So don't skip washing the nuts.

Microwave on high for a minute, rest for 30 seconds, stir the nuts and Microwave once again for a minute. Repeat stirring and Microwaving 3-4 times till you see some of the Cashews turning golden brown.

You are done. let it cool and serve right away. leftovers should be stored in airtight containers.

Take care not to roast large quantities of nuts at a time in Microwave as it burns a few of the nuts very quickly if heat distribution is not efficient in an overcrowded bowl. A cup at a time will be good enough. You can repeat the process if making for a crowd anyways.

I just munched on them with a cup of tea in the middle of night and was reminded of posting it while I was working on another article that requires detailed work.

It was a refreshing break. Would be one for you too :-)


  1. Perfect snack for any time ..looks so gud

  2. I made one of those in an oven, But did not use my stupid mind to put all the things you have asked .. now i will do that :)


  3. This is good :) You are absolutely right that roasted nuts are everyone's favorite This is a quickest and easiest way to have them :)

  4. So easy. Will try this. Each time I buy these from the supermarket. Not doing that anymore. This is such a delicious and easy way of making roasted + masala wala cashew at home

  5. I just finished half a kg of roasted salted kaju's from goa !!! now maybe this is a recipe to try I still have the plain ones left ! :D

  6. washing the nuts before mixing is terrific idea....prepared and enjoyed a lot along with my wife. delicious.....thank you.

  7. tried this right after reading this...delicious...we enjoyed it...washing the nuts before mixing is a good idea....

  8. I am so trying this one soon

    1. I am sure you would love it. Please let me know when you try this microwave roasted cashew nuts.

  9. That was awesome! Last time I tried it, I ended up burning everything in microwave but this was so simple!