Fenugreek seeds : a yummy salad that helps in lactation..

 And for everyone who wants a nutrient rich salad fortified with good fats.Great as a calcium supplement, rich in potassium. phosphorus and magnesium too. Fenugreek seeds are a known Galactagogue and great for joint health. These golden seeds are great hair and skin tonic as well. Great stir fry for diabetics too.

You would require some Fenugreek sprouts for this easy healthy salad. The seeds take about 2 days to sprout well and keep well for a week in the fridge. It can be an everyday salad if you are a lactating mother, have some joint problems, or just want to improve your hair and skin. So make a large batch of sprouts and store them well.

If you want to know more about the health benefits click here to know all about it.

This link would tell you how it is good for lactating mothers. It has been a popular food for new mothers in many ancient cultures, including India. Methi laddoo (sweet balls with many ingredients including Fenugreek) is a traditional recipe which is a little tedious to make and many of us do not attempt it just because it takes time to make. I have a few pictures of a Methi Panjeeri (a powdered granola with fenugreek) I made for a neighbor once and later for my sister too, will post the detailed recipe some time soon.

Till then, an easier, quicker fenugreek recipe that can be your side dish with any of the meals. Once you have the sprouts ready, the dish gets done within 5 minutes. Inclusion of coconut ensures all the good fats and essential nutrients for the breast feeding mother and curry patta and lime juice all help in better absorption of the nutrients.

To make the fenugreek sprouts , just soak the seeds overnight, drain water and keep covered at room temperature. In Indian winters they sprout slowly and in summers they take just about 12 hours to sprout. The Fenugreek sprouts in the picture are two days old .

(2 servings)
3/4 cup Fenugreek sprouts
1/4 cup mixed lentil sprouts (optional, I used a mix or moth, masoor and mung sprouts)
1/3 cup grated coconut (you can use frozen)
1/4 cup chopped curry patta
2 whole red dry chillies scissor cut
finely chopped ginger 2 tbsp
sesame oil 1 tsp (use ghee if you do not stock sesame oil)
salt to taste
black pepper powder to taste
lime juice to taste

Heat the oil in a pan and tip in the red chillies, chopped ginger and curry patta all at once. Add the salt at this time to fry everything in less amount of oil, keep stirring for a minute till everything gets fragrant.

Add the mixed lentil sprouts and toss well. Immediately add the Fenugreek sprouts and grated coconut as well. Toss everything together and remove from heat. The sprouts just need to get warm, not to be cooked.

Adjust seasoning with salt, pepper and lime juice and serve as a side dish. It keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days. I have liked this salad/stir fry with chapati, rice and daal meals and with my khichdi meals too. It is quite versatile.

If you don't get fresh coconut you can use the unsweetened coconut flakes, just soak them in hot water for a while before using them for this recipe. Curry patta will be great if available fresh or try and make a coarse paste of it whenever available and freeze it.See how I do it here. A great way to have fresh aromatic curry patta whenever you want it.

Isn't it great to have quick recipes for wholesome nutrition? For all those who never compromise on taste. Did I tell you that this salad does not taste bitter at all? Coconut and lime juice does the trick, sprouting makes them less bitter anyways.

Do try and let me know.


  1. This looks healthy for everyone! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love methi sprouts and the way you have assembled this dish - your thoughts on raw sprouts for pregnant women? I usually ask them to use steamed sprouts as precaution.

    1. This is for lactating mothers Rajani.
      Raw sprouts are perfectly good for anyone if they are made at home. I never buy sprouts as there is a high risk of E. coli contamination. At home too the sprouts should be washed after the second day and refrigerated.

      Pregnant or even lactating women normally don't have lesser immunity than normal people so why restricting sprouts for them? And if the sprouts are E. coli infested, they should not be consumed by anyone.

      And steaming defeats the purpose of sprouting, why not eat daal instead?

  3. I had NO idea that it's even possible to make sprouts with fenugreek seeds. Have to give this a try. One quick question.. does the salad taste bitter ?

    1. Sorry for the late reply Kankana.
      This methi sprouts recipe is not bitter a all. Just a hint of methi is there, in an aromatic way...

      One more methi sprouts recipe coming up. Stay tuned.

  4. Heyyyyyy, I never get the sprouts right :-( Have tried with moong/ channa, they either get stale (if wet) or too dry (if dried on kitchen tissue) but don't sprout properly.... I remember you telling me once dry the soaked lentils completely before keeping them for sprouts and also before putting them in fridge. Any suggestion, where am I going wrong.... -P

    1. I am drafting the next post about the same issue. Stay tuned.

    2. Thank you :) I'll... always am ;-) -P Forgot to mention, your salad looks very tempting and so please make it quick ( I mean the post) :-P

  5. I never even knew methi can be sprouted...are they seeds or what?? i mena if i go to the market what would i ask for ?? methi dal?? methi seeds??

    this looks yummy...i have had no problems sprouting so once i get my hand on the seeds/dal...i would definitely try this

    1. This is the normal methi daana used for tadka and pickles. Available at all grocery shops/spice shelves..
      Try this you will be surprised :-)


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