Watermelon and lime spritzer ; a perfect summer cooler

Watermelon is called water-melon for a reason. It is so hydrating and comforting during hot summers that I feel like sitting inside a huge watermelon and talk to the seeds. Really.

You haven't seen Indian summers if you are laughing at me. And you haven't enjoyed watermelons as much as e do, if you have not bitten by Indian summer. Did you know there is a wind named 'Loo' that is a hot (45-50 C) westerly blowing through the Indo-Gangetic plains of North India. The Loo winds are known for causing heat strokes that may be lethal in some cases. There are several traditional drinks in this region known for protecting one from the heat stroke. Aam ka panna, Jaljeera, Pudina sharbat, Sattu ka sharbat, Beal ka sharbat, Shikanji (lemonade), and watermelon juiced or just cut into wedges are some of the ways to prevent the heat stroke. There is a wealth of summer coolers from this region just because this region gets just too hot during summers.

We make more summer coolers in the form of Iced teas, some fermented drinks, some fruit based smoothies etc to keep hydrated.

Delhi doesn't get so much of Loo winds but is hot like a furnace these days. The water from the overhead tank feels like it would cook your fingers within a couple of minutes. Scalding hot. Humidity is so low all the plants get limp by early noon, most of the leaves scalded and a sad look is obvious. More than the heat, I am sad seeing my plants suffer.

No wonder when Ushnish Ghosh visited my place recently he was mighty disappointed to see my garden whose lovely pictures get immense admiration otherwise.

Indoors it is better. We still live without air conditioning and and will keep doing so till we have the patronage of these old trees around my house. Natural ways to keep ourselves cool and hydrated has been a habit. Summers are so blessed with some of the most cooling fruits. Nature is not unfair you know :-)

We love watermelon as it is, in salads and in smoothies too. Many combinations are appreciated by family and guests and people feel great when they are greeted by a homemade drink and not a synthetic colored and sugary sweetened drink.

This one is quite easy and does require just the watermelon, lemon juice and a little soda bi carb. Yes the same inexpensive soda bi carb that you use for baking. Not the baking powder. I am sure you know the difference. Read here to know more...

Normally used as a drink (dissolved in water) to get relief from heart burn and acid reflux, Baking soda can be used for other health benefits too.

This watermelon drink is a great detox drink if you are on a regime. Or even when you want a snack that hydrates you and helps feeling lighter and cooler at the same time.


watermelon slices, seeds removed and cubed 4 cups
lemon juice 2 tbsp or to taste
soda bi carb 1 pinch for every glass of drink, to be added at the time of serving


Blend the water melon cubes in a pitcher using a stick hand blender or a food processor whatever is convenient for you.

Mix the lemon juice and chill.

Add a pinch of baking soda per glass at the time of serving and stir well to serve.

There is no water added to this drink You can always add a bottle of soda if you wish instead of powder soda bi carb. The drink will be thinner in that case.

There is no additional sugar in this drink as watermelon is sweet enough on it's own.

Watermelon has a high Glycemic index due to it's sugar content but it is till great for daily consumption as it's Glycemic load is quite low too. Check this link to see how.

Do you need more reasons to have this drink ?

It's refreshing.

We love it as our evening snack most of the times this season. As a variation, or when we have some leftover, a dash of sharbat Rooh Afza is added to it and some water to dilute, some more lemon juice to balance, and a new drink is ready :-)

What other ways do you have water melon as a drink?


  1. Refreshing and delightful! A perfect summer drink.

  2. yes, more than the heat's effect on me..i am worried about my plants....they really look sad now..though better off than last year as i can now put them in the partially shaded corridor....

    this spritzer luks easy and fun...of i try out..will let you know!!


  3. this is my new favourite drink :) i love this in replacement to tea... you already know this by now ;)

  4. i liked your tray... from where you got it...

    i just make watermelon juice plain with some black salt. it is soooo hot.... don't even feel like cooking.

    1. Thanks Dassana.
      I got this tray from Dilli haat. It has been quite a sturdy tray.

  5. JUst by looking at the pics am feeling hydrated n refreshed....:)

  6. the only problem is how to get those seeds out , too many of them .. but yeah refreshing..

    and I have other ideas i can use it with .. yummy yummy hick hick :)


    1. ha ha..will be great with Vodka.
      I am going to try it with beer today. To make the beer bearable :-)

    2. ooooh nice.. na i dont need anything for beer I guess living in uk , you get used to the beer moreover we get different types here ..
      but VOdka yummy wiht some kala namak ) or some worcester sause ooooooooooohhh deliscious

  7. kudos for doing without a/c, that too in delhi. i was in gurgaon week before last and thought i will pass out from the heat.
    ps: i love that tray

    1. Thank you Nags. With 2 huge trees in the front and 2 more in the backyard, we never felt like airconditioning our home. It's another matter I have to fight battles to keep those trees from being lopped off every winter. Everyone who comes to our house always ends up saying how cool it is inside.
      Simple natural living is the best way if you can. I know if one is on top floor the things will be differnt.

  8. Hey Sangeeta,
    Thanks for wonderful comment on my blog. Love your space with so much health and healthy food info. I will keep referring to your blog for healthy recipes from now on.

    And Yes.. great looking tray and great pics too. Looks like my trip to Delhi will have to include Dilli Haat and INA market for some great shopping.

  9. refreshing dear..Ongoing event : Street Party Food in my blog .

  10. hey i made this today..really liked it....and hubby added his own twist to his glass....one peg vodka, it made a wonderful cocktail version for him!!


    1. :-)
      Yes, vodka is great with any fruit juice.

  11. Sangeeta,

    This looks so refreshing. It's very hot here in Phoenix too, so I've bookmarked this to try as soon as watermelon
    becomes more readily available in the markets.

  12. The freshness of the drink is well captured in these images :) Great work! I am sure it tastes as good as it looks :)


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