Do food shows inspire you to cook? How about Masterchef Australia?

It was a tense moment when Ben's team was on test for an immunity challenge. A school teacher who wants to run a restaurant and a small culinary school attached with it. Can you believe that?

The love for creating food is such that just anyone can start following the passion and make a life out of it. It's a world that allures everyone, through it's different aspects. Some love to eat and do not have a clue if milk comes from cartons or cows and some would go that extra mile to look for the freshest of ingredients and the right percentage of fat in their cream so the mouse turns out to be rightly as it was concieved. Gelatin can be too synthetic for some and some would not even know it has been added in a cheesecake. That makes a foodie stand out and a true love for real food.

Real food winning hearts and not just sympathetic votes. This is what I felt when I saw Ben loosing the challenge. I so wanted him to win and still wasn't feeling bad when he didn't. The deconstructed Lemon tart was so wonderful even to think of and the final presentation made it a deal breaker.

If you don't know what I am talking about, just catch up on Masterchef Australia one day. The excitement would catch hold of you like it does to me. I have been a great fan of the way this show is conducted and how the larger than life pantry and the kitchen euipments make me drool out of bounds.

Today I realised the reason why this show is all about just the food being the protagonist. Unlike the Indian food shows where either the food is cooked and tasted by just one person standing behind a cooking range or it is dramatised so much that a sob story of a participant might make you pray for her as she sheds a tear and the camera zooms in. You are rendered helpless. The drama wins and the food slips into oblivion.

Here on today's episode of Masterchef Australia I was so wanting Ben to win the challenge and still was happy that the opponent challenger masterchef won. Just because of what he cooked. The food. For what I am watching the show. And I ended up thinking about making a deconstructed lemon tart very very soon. A bonus.

This show has always been larger than life, unbelievable in terms of high standards shown by participants. Think of the junior Masterchef that concluded recently. Could you ever imagine such smart kids articulating ingredients and creating such benchmark standrds of good food?

Food is something we all connect to immediately. It can make us learn, be passionate about somehting and create with our own hands. It is therapeutic and cathartic as well to many of us. Ask any of the food bloggers who cook and write about the experiences. The show definitely inspires me to play with the ingredients and evoke the magic. As if creating happiness is in my own hands.

What I see as someone who wants to propagate healthy living as a lifestyle, such intense honest approach to food in a show like this would make a generation to think seriousely about cooking. As a hobby or as a career, but creating food. Knowing food and understanding ingredients. I see a larger good for the society as well. More and more Indian men would be attracted to the kitchen, more kids would experiment with ingredients and a kitchen would not be a responsibility of only the housewife. Cooking would be an enjoyable family time where each member would contribute to it and eating would be more fun as no one would be doing the cooking duty as a boring responsibilty. Even if it is remotely so. I being too dreamy eyed?

I still stick to my hope :-) Thank you.

Does this show inspire you to cook?

I know a few people who get inspired to cook seeing even a few episodes of this show.

I have been working to make people understand that health and nutrition is not an unacheivable goal, it's not something only the rich can afford. Real, whole food can be good, tasty and affordable to follow for life. Affordable to be cooked daily in your kitchen. It can be a routine for you to have good, tasty food on your table that nourishes your body and soul. Once you start appreciating good ingredients, cooking techniques and working with your food, you are in for a surprise. I have seen it happening as I train people to eat healthy for life. To get rid of nasty health conditions. And have seen the profile pictures on social networking sites getting better and better as they enjoy good food on the table. It is life changing.

I hope the show becomes life changing by inspiring more people to cook for themselves. I can see that happening.

Do you?


  1. I rarely watch Tv apart from live sports or movies but have watched a few moments of this and master chef junior... and whilst cooking shows sometimes do inspire me to cook... invariably they never fail in inspiring me to eat ! :P

  2. That is such awesome news... !!!!

    Congratulations on the prize :D

  3. happy hoots sangeeta for winning - nicely penned post and yes Food is the hero always ! Love

  4. Congratulations :) :) :) Where's the pahty? ;)

    1. Thanks Swaram. Pahty will be on the blog only :-) Stay tuned.


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