Chickpeas salad on curly Lettuce...

This salad has undertones of hummus. Seriously.

Not all the ingredients are similar but it somehow reminds me of hummus. More so because I always have my hummus with one or the other crunchy raw vegetables.

See here with green beans and here with Broccoli.

The crunch factor got higher with this salad. Added by pickled red onions, you would see a hummus hater picking up this salad with gusto.

Oh wait , not just the hummus haters, the Lettuce haters as well.

Someones used to shrink his nose whenever I picked up a head of curly lettuce (or any kind) from the shelf of a supermarket. No more. This salad has been one where he would ask me to make it again for dinner if I had grabbed a bigger portion for lunch. Asking me if there is more Lettuce and more boiled chhole (chickpeas) in the fridge.

Guess who is happy when the favorite foods are loved by the loved one as well ?

Just by changing the way it is served or assembled. I am a huge fan of Hummus and make it quite often but the husband pushes the bowl to the other side of the table if it is not accompanied by some kind of chips. And hummus is just used as a dip for the chips and not scooped generously as I would normally do.

This salad brings promise for such eaters. Or hummus/lettuce haters.

The idea is to make wraps of chickpea salad enveloped by lettuce leaves. The wraps can be served enclosed with a cocktail stick or open like these pictures. I like wrapping them with hands before taking a bite. Everything else is yumm after that.

(two servings as salad, one serving as a meal)

Lettuce.. about 20 big leaves
(use green or red cabbage raw or steamed if you don't get fresh lettuce in your part of the world)
boiled chickpeas 1 cup
sliced onions 1 cup
white vinegar 3 tbsp
salt to taste
toasted sesame seeds 2 tbsp (I used both black and white variety for a rich taste)
Extra virgin olive oil to drizzle (drizzled straight from the bottle, consumed about 1.5 tbsp)
red chilly powder 1 tsp to sprinkle (optional, I did not require as the red onions were quite sharp)


Boiled chickpeas can be used from a tin if you find that convenient. We in India prefer soaking them overnight and then boiling them with salt to taste and a pinch of soda bi carb. The boiled chickpeas keep well in the fridge for a week.

Soak the sliced onions in vinegar and salt to taste for about 15 minutes. Or till you wash the Lettuce and spin dry them. Or drain water in any convenient way you prefer. The onion gets nicely pickled in half an hour. Do not worry if there is lesser time on hand. They would be just fine within 10 minutes as well.

If you do not store toasted sesame seeds you can toast them instantly in a pan. Heat a pan and tip in both the types of sesame seeds in it. Stir well and wait till they start popping. Within 2 minutes they will be ready, take care not to burn them. Empty in a plate and proceed for the salad.

Soaking the lettuce in cold water helps bring back the crunch in them. I just hold the stem parts together in a bunch and give them a nice shake so all the water is jerked away. Tear the lettuce in about 4 inch pieces and layer 2 pieces for each pocket. Arrange them on a wide plate.

Spoon in a tbsp of chickpeas on each of the lettuce pockets. Sprinkle red chilly powder of using. Top it with pickled onions. You would like more pickled onions if you are like me.

Lastly sprinkle with the toasted sesame seeds and drizzle with EVOO.

Serve right away.

Eat right away :-)

No one would be a slow eater with this salad.

Everyone in the family would ask when you are making it again.

You can ask kids to arrange this salad. It's so easy to assemble. A real no cook meal if you have the boiled chickpeas on you.

Since a few of my friends expressed their reluctance to try leafy greens as salads when I posted this picture on my facebook page I noticed there is a general tendency to try sugary stuff more when you see a picture in a magazine or a blog like this. There should be a way with leafy greens that you enjoy them more.

I hope this is the recipe for you to start trying green recipes now on...

The sharp flavor of pickled onions and the mushy chickpeas are balanced so well with crunchy lettuce and flavorful sesame seeds popping in your mouth. Many different textures and flavors would make you feel refreshed after a meal. Green leafy salads are yummy.

Even when you serve this as a salad on the side, I am sure you would load up your plate with this first and then go for a few more servings.

I am posting another eggs salad with lettuce for the lettuce haters. And for all those who are not tempted to try a green salad seeing pictures. May be I can try my hands tempting a few of you by posting another wonderful green salad. Fingers crossed.

Stay tuned....


  1. Don't you all think this will be a great filling in a sandwich. Even for your office lunch box as it wont get soggy.

  2. agree with you it will bea great sandwhich filling .. and even a good lunch for the likes of me who can never diet , this can be filling too .. I like it


  3. looks gorgeous.. i have to get curly lettuce this time...

  4. Looks amazing and very tempting.... Can we have it as part of diet ;-) -P

  5. this is easy , tasty and fun to make...another recipe from you tha i will be trying out!!

  6. I love the addition of the toasted sesame, not just because I love sesame and it is healthy, but it also serves to dress up the salad - Nice going dear :)

  7. I love lettuce but am pretty wary of greens eaten raw in India. That said, yes, this does remind one of hummus!

    1. Yes it is quite a problem getting clean greens in our country. The solution is, buying organic most of the times and washing them properly. Or grow them yourself :-)


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