A salad with Sweet Lime, Cucumber and pistachios...

It might be surprising for many, but Sweet Lime is one of my favorite fruits. No one likes it as it is much fibrous and needs to be peeled with difficulty. And all the hard work results in an insipid sweetness.

The peeling made easier, I actually like the mild sweetness and a milder citrus aroma of this fruit. Best when the fruit is fresh and juicy. I can have it a little less juicy too. Proves that I really like this fruit.

Sometimes I just cut and eat as is, some other times I toss it up in a salad. It blends well with most vegetables and fruits hence a salad with meal or a salad for meal can be made using it.

And if you are thinking of a salad without a dressing, this fruit makes it easier. The juices ooze from the segments and blend with the other ingredients to coat every bit of the salad. So a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper can become awesome with it.


Sweet lime (Mosambi) one large sized
cucumber one large sized
carrot one medium sized
coriander greens a few springs with stems
Roasted salted Pistachios a handful chopped
salt and pepper to taste


Slice the Sweet lime and then quarter the slices. Remove the skins and seeds.

Peel the cucumber and cut lengthwise twice , making four long pieces. Now chop them holding together so quarter slices are formed.

Chop the carrot in tiny bits as this is the toughest ingredient and larger pieces may be more than a mouthful. We want bits of everything in one spoonful. Carrots may be grated as well.

Scissor cut the Coriander greens and mix everything together. Sprinkle salt and pepper and the chopped pistachios and toss well.

It is ready to eat immediately.

I have had the leftovers next day many times and it tastes as good, though the crisp texture of the cucumber and carrots is missing. But the sweet lime slices drain their juices and envelop the other ingredients well, so the taste is good. Just that it looks wilted.

Isn't it an easy salad for you too. It can make a lunch if the nuts are a little more. You can always add assorted nuts to suit your taste.

Another Sweet Lime salad with pistachios and baby Spinach is a great hit. Loved by many of my readers and family. You can always make your own combinations with sweet lime. A fruit salad with this is here...

It blends well with most things as I said. If you do not like Sweet Limes, there are always Oranges, Mandarins, Tangerines and Grape fruits...more colorful options...


  1. wow, looks superb, very new to me.

  2. Looks rather inviting !!!! Apart from the Pistachio's I think that should go down just fine :D :D :D :D

  3. this is quite interesting..salads are my fav in summers!!

    never thought of a salad idea like this one :)

  4. this is healthy tooooooooo

    summers are here so I guess salad times


  5. wow...what a unique combination for a salad !!!!loved it n bookmarked !!!!


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